The team lost big. A sluggish ace has a hard time avoiding responsibility. However, he put his hand on the opposing team’s shoulder and left the court with a smile.

Suwon kt lost 77-89 in a home game against SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Anyang KGC 2022-23 held at Suwon kt Sonicboom Arena on the 17th. The second consecutive loss of the season also failed to get out of last place.

KT, who played a close game 42-44 until the first half, collapsed little by little in the second half and eventually collapsed. There was definitely a chance to win. However, the sluggishness of ace Yang Hong-seok was painful.

Yang Hong-seok recorded 4 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist in just 18 minutes and 15 seconds. a pitiful result.

KT’s new season, in which Heo Hoon joined the military, was an opportunity to properly appreciate Yang Hong-seok. His ransom price also rose to 500 million won. This is because expectations were high even though he had a poor 2021-22 season. Nonetheless, the ups and downs remain. The average record is 12.7 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.6 assists, but detailed indicators are not so good, such as a significant drop in 3-point shooting success rate to 27.6%.

What was more disappointing than the results was the appearance after the defeat in the KGC match. The number of fans visiting the stadium is gradually decreasing due to poor performance. However, Yang Hong-seok, who was called the ace, smiled and left the court with his hands on the shoulders of the KGC players. The appearance that appeared on the TV relay screen for a very short time was a scene that raised doubts as to whether or not it was the defeated player.

Yang Hong-seok is a player with a good personality. He is friendly with many players. In particular, Park Ji-hoon, who appeared on the screen, was the most like-minded teammate during kt days. He would have been great if he had laughed and talked with us before the game or off the pitch.

But professional sports, and competition is war. It is a war without guns. On the court, there are no older brothers or younger siblings, and there are no seniors or juniors. I don’t need anything other than the word victory. It is the reason why the fans support and the reason why the club invests a huge amount. And that’s why professional sports exist.

It was an unnecessary look. so it’s more pity Yang Hong-seok is kt’s ace. kt is currently in last place. Even in the absence of Heo Hoon before the season, he was considered a candidate for the championship토토사이트. There is no evaluation without reason. They obviously have good power and their current performance is very awkward. Recently, he threw a game by replacing two foreign players at once. It’s never a normal flow. In this situation, Ace’s smile after defeat doesn’t look very nice. Is there a history of a general who lost a war and left with a smile? In all the history of the world, nothing like this has ever happened.

Even a world-class player like Son Heung-min always shed hot tears after a World Cup defeat. It’s because I worked so hard and prepared again, so the result of losing is regrettable. Also, she sheds tears because she is sorry for the fans who supported her. It was a sense of responsibility and a desire to compete that a professional sports player should have. so it is beautiful It was a hard part to find for Yang Hong-seok today.

KT’s unexpected fall has many causes, but there is only one key. The unfortunate appearance of an ace named Yang Hong-seok after the KGC match speaks of their performance. If you’re not desperate for victory, it’s no wonder they’re in last place.