The NC Dinos finished the Tucson spring camp. After the last training session on the 5th (US time), there was an MVP award for this CAMP 2 selected by the coach and coaching staff. The pitcher was Jeong Gu-beom, and the hitter was Chun Jae-hwan, and finally, Kim Su-yoon was selected as the MVP recommended by coach Kang In-kwon.먹튀검증

On the 6th, Jung Gu-beom said through the club, “Before coming to the camp, I wanted to pay the most attention to physical fitness management while leaving the camp without injury. There are many things that need to be improved in the technical part, but I think they gave me the MVP because I trained diligently and finished well as I prepared. It was my first N team camp, so I came with the mindset to do well without expecting much, but MVP I feel good to be selected. I want to continue playing for the N team in the future, and I want to express my gratitude to the pitching coaches and trainers who helped me finish the camp safely.”

Chun Jae-hwan said, “I didn’t think I would receive the MVP when I came to the camp. I came here saying that I would spend time focusing on myself and not worrying about what others would think, but I feel good that I received the MVP at the end. I felt a lot at this camp, and I felt new. I prepared a lot, but I feel like I’m getting better and better as each day goes by. It’s not perfect, but I’ll fill in the things I’ve prepared so far and improve my condition in line with the season. The coach gave me a lot of opportunities, and I haven’t played many games in the meantime, but before the evaluation match However, I am very grateful that my confidence seems to have improved as I left the game. There are also new coaches this season, and the coaches helped me to approach them easily, so I was able to adapt well to the atmosphere. I want to reciprocate. I am also grateful to Minwoo-hyung who took care of me a lot so that I could play baseball comfortably during the camp. I entered the roster for the opening game of the 1st team and will work hard with the goal of achieving a double-digit home run and double-digit stolen base this season with strength in long hits.” did.

Kim Soo-yoon said, “I didn’t expect it at all, but I’m so grateful that the coach picked me the MVP personally, and I think I’ll continue to do well in the future. Since last year, I’ve made a habit of coming out early every day to train, and I think that’s how they looked at me favorably. In this CAMP 2, Personally, I tried to strengthen the good points and throw away the bad points while continuing to maintain what I had been doing since the off-season. I tried to get rid of the bad habits in the part and supplemented it, but I think there was some success. In terms of defense, I feel that I have learned to some extent through training focused on basic skills with coach Jin Jong-gil, so I am satisfied overall.”

Coach Kang In-kwon said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the players, coaching staff, and all of our members who faithfully digested the given goals and plans without injury. I was convinced of their growth potential. In the future, I will focus on realizing the results of training through demonstration games, focusing on the sense of real combat.”

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