Driving distance 292.6m. In terms of yards, it’s a terrifying long hit that reaches 320. It is also the driving tee shot distance recorded by Bang Shin-sil (카지노사이트19, KB Financial Group), a “monster” on the KLPGA Tour, at the KLPGA Championship.

A ‘hot newcomer’ appeared on the KLPGA tour, which suffered from star absences. It’s not an official ‘rookie’. Last year, he stayed in 40th place in the regular tour seeding match and received a conditional seed. It is a conditional condition that only full-field competitions with 132 or more players can participate, but from the first competition, it drew the attention of golf fans by spewing terrifying long hits. Bang Shin-sil, who finished fourth at the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, also finished third at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, which ended on the 14th.

Praise continued, such as “great,” “like a man,” and “cool in the heart” for his boldness in defending the number of strokes proudly even in the face of a mistake on the driver’s tee shot. He participated in three regular tour events and passed the cut-off twice, and it is evaluated that he had star qualities by being in the top 5 in all of them. The average driving distance of a 173 cm tall driver sitting on the fairway is 264.5 yards, which is 30 yards more than the average driving distance of KLPGA tour players (approximately 236.5 yards).

Bang Sin-sil, who received 110.5 million won in prize money from three tournaments, took the opportunity to compete in the Doosan Match Play Championship, which will be held at Ladena Golf Club in Chuncheon from the 17th as a qualified within the 60th place in the prize money ranking. He has a chance to prove that he is a ‘long hitter’ and a ‘strong heart’. In match play, you must win a one-on-one match to advance to the next round. It is not necessary to complete 18 holes, so you can decide the game with a quick battle. It is exciting because there are variables such as overturning at the end and suppressing the baseline at the beginning.

Long hitters over 300 yards leave the second shot relatively short. Due to the nature of the Ladena GC course, there are places where long hits cannot be played, but Bang Shin-sil is also good at making long iron shots. In many ways, it means that there is a high possibility of playing something that has not been seen before.

In terms of restoring honor, there is a reason to challenge for the match play championship. In the KLPGA Championship, he slipped after running jointly for the lead until the 14th hole of the final round, and in the NH Investment & Securities Tournament, he ran alone for the lead until the 16th hole, but fell away from the competition due to a tee shot mistake. You have to prove that your mistakes aren’t due to weak mentality so you can rise from star to superstar.

In the KLPGA tour, the only way to get a full seed during the regular season is to win. Considering the management of the association, which cannot suddenly change the system just because fans are paying attention, the room has no choice but to prove its worth. This is because the Korean professional golf administration is focused on title sponsors, not fan spirit.

Attention is focusing on whether the Bang Shin-sil, which is praised as “a large-scale hopeful that can shake the plate,” will be upgraded to a super-large typhoon. “Golf is not a long-distance game,” he said. Senior Ko Jin-young’s strong mentality is the coolest.”

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