June 8, 2003 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Women’s Championship against Hong Kong. On this day, Park Eun-seon, a sophomore at Wirye Information Industry High School (currently Dongsan High School), made her A-match debut as the youngest ever in both men’s and women’s soccer. It’s not just for color matching. She poured in 4 goals and led the win 8-0. She scored 7 goals in 4 group stage matches. In 2004, she won the Asian Women’s Youth Championship, where she was named the Most Valuable Player and Top Scorer (8 goals).

The titles of ‘national treasure level striker’ and ‘female Park Joo-young’ were not colorless for her. She never doubted that she would grow into a women’s soccer legend (legend). Now, 20 years later, she returned after wandering and became a veteran who led her juniors to the World Cup. Now she is 37 years old. She aims for her first World Cup goal of her career at the Australia/New Zealand Women’s World Cup in July. “Just imagining it makes me smile. If you score, it will be her first World Cup goal.” “I went to the World Cup twice before,” she said. That was a great thing, but it had nothing to do with Goal. I really want to put it in,” she said.

◇Appeared like a comet, then wandered

Park Eun-seon was recognized early on as a super-large lumber with a height of over 180 cm, a solid physique, and extraordinary foot talent. Maybe it’s because she’s so good. She was severely restrained and jealous. After graduating from high school in 2005, he wore a Seoul City Hall uniform after a fierce recruitment battle between business and college. However, someone raised an objection for violating the detailed regulations of ‘you have to play in college for two years after graduating from high school’ and was suspended from participating in three competitions. Park Eun-seon, who saw it as unfair, was angry. He was disciplined again for 토토사이트leaving his team and national team without permission in his youth. After his father passed away from cancer in 2010, he took off his soccer boots and sold sporting goods. Park Eun-seon said, “I regret those times. If I were to give advice to the me at the time, ‘Don’t do that. I want to say that the days I threw away are too wasteful.”

In 2012, she returned to Seoul City Hall to clear her mind, and the following year won the WK League (Women’s Professional Soccer) top scorer with 19 goals. But this time, a vicious controversy broke out. It was so good that other team managers demanded a gender test. Even the National Human Rights Commission of Korea came forward and recommended that the coaches who made this claim be considered sexually harassed and punished, but the Korea Women’s Football Federation only warned. It was after she had already suffered her deep shame.

◇Park Eun-seon, aiming for the World Cup goal,

went through many twists and turns and returned to the national team at an age close to infidelity. She also advanced to Russia and changed her team several times. Since 2020, she has been playing for her parent’s home (Seoul City Hall).

“I can now enjoy football. It’s hard to do, but it’s my whole life, and people say I look the happiest when I play soccer.”

Her last year in 2015, when she was unable to wear her Taegeuk mark, her national team coach Colin Bell (62) called her last year. It was a decision that Bell made after watching Park Eun-seon for years. Park Eun-sun lived up to expectations by scoring three goals in two warm-up games against Zambia this month. She was still not pushed back in the physical struggle with the header goal using her 182 cm tall. Coach Bell said, “I want to cherish Park Eun-sun like a flower in a greenhouse and take her to the World Cup.” It is not the first time that the remark of ‘flowers in the greenhouse’ has been made. It is said that Manager Bell said the same thing in past meetings. Park Eun-seon said, “At first, it was so funny,” and said, “The meaning of ‘never get injured’ is included in that word.” Park Eun-sun missed the first and second games of the group stage due to an ankle injury at the 2015 World Cup in Canada. She played in the 3rd match and the round of 16, but was not able to taste her goal because she did not come. Her career World Cup record was 2 appearances, 0 goals in 5 matches. Park Eun-sun said, “I am working hard to score goals so that I can be included in the World Cup roster.”

Park Eun-seon is the second senior in the national team after Kim Jeong-mi (39, Incheon Hyundai Steel). However, it is not the style to give advice to her juniors. Rather, her juniors helped her adapt. When he returned after 7 years and felt awkward, players such as Ji So-yeon (32, Suwon FC) and Kim Hye-ri (33, Incheon Hyundai Steel) approached him, asked how they were, and had a meal together and talked. She said, “Thank you so much to everyone. In the first match against Zambia (on the 7th), when she scored her first national team goal in nine years, the players ran up to me and hu

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