The New York Jets of the American Professional Football (NFL) made a huge trade to acquire quarterback Aaron Rogers (39). Jets general manager Joe Douglas called it a “historic trade.”

On the 26th (Korean time), at a pre-draft press conference held for local media such as ‘ESPN’, general manager Douglas commented on the recruitment of Rogers, saying, “It is a trade that will remain in the history of our club.”

The Jets agreed to a trade with the Green Bay Packers the day before, with the main content being the transfer of Rogers.

The Jets are giving Rodgers the 13t토토사이트h, 42nd, and 207th overall picks and the 2024 second round picks in exchange for the 15th and 170th overall picks in this draft. This 2024 second-round pick turns into a first-round pick if Rogers completes at least 65 percent of the team’s schedule.

Although he has a brilliant career such as 4 MVPs and 2010 Super Bowl MVP, it is a trade that can be seen as an excessive price given his age of thirty-nine. This is all the more so considering that he was “90% retired” until last February.

General manager Douglas declined to answer a question about how much more he thought Rodgers could play. In this regard, ESPN, citing sources within the club, said that the Jets hope to play at least two more seasons.

Instead, Douglas said, “We are comfortable with this deal. I don’t think there is anyone to back down from when you feel you have everything in terms of what comes and goes in the negotiation process. Our ultimate goal from the beginning was to bring Rogers to this team. That’s why we were able to come to an agreement and we’re happy to bring him to our team.”

The Jets have been in the NFL since the 1960 season, but they are a well-known underdog in the league, winning just one Super Bowl. Last season also ended the season with 6 consecutive losses, ending with 7 wins and 10 losses, failing to advance to the playoffs for 12 consecutive seasons. It is the longest playoff drought in the NFL.

ESPN reported that the Jets had been targeting Rogers since early January. Woody Johnson, owner of the team, also expressed his desire to recruit a quarterback by describing him as a “missing piece.”

Douglas added, “Many players will rejoin the team and show unity and show determination not to repeat the same finish as last year.”

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