A man who exposed key parts of his body on the street, known as the “barbarian man,” was caught after being tracked down and reported by elementary school students.

The young students, who are in the fifth grade of elementary school, acted calmly as they chased after the man, not panicking despite the frightening situation.

Reporter Lee Yoon-jae reports.

A man wearing grey tracksuit pants checks his surroundings at the crosswalk and walks away as if nothing is wrong.

An elementary school student rushes behind him토토사이트, but stops for a moment because the traffic light has changed, and then four people run across the road at the same time.

On the 31st of last month, a man exposes major body parts in front of an elementary school student and then runs away, and the victim students chase after him.

[Victim student: When I first saw him, I was scared because I thought he was a bit weird and I was scared…. and then he exposed his major body parts above the band of his pants….]

The students kept their distance from the fleeing man, who remained calm despite the frightening situation.

[Victimised student: we need to catch this guy…. I have a friend who was attacked, so I don’t want the perpetrator to know we’re following him and avoid us…. I ran with the idea of chasing and catching him].

As we chased, we calmly called the police and told them the direction we were running and our description.

[Victim student: I felt that if I didn’t solve this situation calmly, the situation would be bigger, so I quickly reported it, and the police officers were patrolling and thanked me for coming quickly….]

Thanks to the students, Mr A, a man in his 20s, was caught about 300 metres away from the crime scene.

Mr A, a university student living nearby, had already committed several similar crimes in the area.

[Park Jae-geun / Father of victim student: There were reports (to the police) from a year ago, and they said it happened in the same area with the same method…. My friends at (school) said that something similar happened to them, so when I thought about it again, I was worried that I would run into him again, and I felt that way].

Police are investigating Mr A on suspicion of public indecency.

They are also investigating whether he is the same man who committed a similar crime at the end of last year.

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