Being selected in the first round in the major league draft literally means that he was the best player in his amateur days. But success is not necessarily in the order of nomination. He is expected to splendidly as a 1st rounder, but it is common for him to disappear without rumors without showing any performance.카지노사이트

In the KBO League, there were quite a few players from the first round of the major leagues. Examples include Anthony Lenardo, Chris Volstead, Philip Humber, and Jacob Turner. However, all of them failed to show significant results in the KBO league and packed their bags, or at the end of showing disappointing skills, they tasted the misfortune of dropping out.

Of course, there are also success stories. Casey Kelly (34), who was nominated in the first round (30th overall) by Boston in 2008 and now stands tall as LG’s foreign ace, is the main character. Kelly is considered one of the best players in the league, recording 58 wins, 31 losses and an ERA of 2.89 in 114 games over his four years in the KBO League. However, there are still more failure cases.

In that respect, Eric Peddy (30), who came as a new foreign player to NC this year, has something worth noting. Peddie was drafted by Washington in the 1st round (18th overall) of the 2014 Major League Baseball Draft. Washington’s expectations were high, he worked hard in the minor leagues, and continued to give him opportunities even after his major league debut. He recorded 13 wins and 22 losses in 54 games as a starter in the last two years.

In fact, the previous year’s major league full-time selection joined, so in terms of name value and career, a player who could be selected as ‘the best’ wore an NC uniform. In fact, ‘Baseball Reference’ predicted an average ERA of 5.07 with 7 wins and 11 losses as Peddie’s 2023 performance (MLB). He didn’t have very good grades, but I saw him as capable enough to make 5 starts even in the major leagues.

The start of such a pedi is good. He even started live pitching and is steadily improving his physical condition. Having his first live pitching in mid-February means that Peddy’s preparations are not lagging behind, rather fast. Peddy also said, “I’m satisfied with being able to put in strikes. I try not to react well to each other, but it’s good to have a miss, so I’m satisfied with that part.”

NC coach Kang In-kwon is also watching Pedy, who is expected to be a foreign ace, with a happy gaze. Director Kang said, “I think the skills of foreign players are outstanding. There were definitely roles in the big leagues.” said

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