A bare turtle ship runs on the ice at a tremendous speed. This is Jeong Seung-gi, a skeleton ace who recently won a medal in a world competition.

I am continuing my thrilling run in Europe, and reporter Choi Ha-eun met via video.


< IBSF Skeleton World Championships|Last 27th (St. Moritz, Switzerland)>

After vigorously kicking off the ice, she slides down the track like flowing water.

The turtle ship is engraved on Jeong Seung-gi’s helmet, which ran at a maximum speed of 138 km/h.

[Jeong Seung-gi/Skeleton National Representative: It’s an assault ship. I wanted to express the state of running on the ice.]

When I overturned 3rd and 4th places by a total of 1/100th of a second, I jumped like a child.

It is the first time in four years since Yoon Seong-bin that our skeleton athlete has won a world championship medal.

After finishing in 10th place at the Beijing Olympics, Jung Seung-gi chose to change.

He switched to a sled that was less stable but more capable of stretching on long curves.

He even created a little routine.

[Jeong Seung-gi/Skeleton National Representative: The moment I leave the dorm, I turn off all alarms on my cell phone. So that I can fully immerse myself in the sled and the arena… ]

I adapted quickly and reached the podium three times in six World Cups this season.

In the 4th competition, I ran wearing a yellow vest that only the world ranking number 1 can wear.

[Jeong Seung-gi/Skeleton national team member: I feel emotional as soon as I see the vest, and my efforts so far have not been in vain.]

I started watching the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and four years later, I am a promising player checking the course in Pyeongchang, and now I am the ace of the national team. has been reborn as

Full of confidence, Jeong Seung-gi runs and runs again toward the gold medal at the Milan Olympics.

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