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The 101st Dong-A with the longest history in Korea as a single event competition Daily Report The National Soft Tennis Tournament kicks off on the 5th at the Mungyeong International Soft Tennis Stadium in Gyeongbuk.

About 1,100 people from 134 teams, including men’s and women’s elementary, middle and high schools, colleges, general divisions, and life sports divisions, participated in this competition to start a new 100 years, and the court was heated until the 14th먹튀검증. In particular, four countries, including Malaysia and Mongolia, as well as Japan and Taiwan national teams, participated in the men’s general division, and it is evaluated that the status of the event has risen as an international competition. The Korean men’s and women’s national soft tennis players, who were sweating at the Jincheon National Training Center in preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, will return to their teams to compete.

Channel A Plus plans to broadcast live major matches in the men’s and women’s general divisions from 2:40 pm on the 9th.In the men’s general division, while Suwon City Hall, with Kim Tae-min, who was dramatically selected as a national team member, is aiming for a second consecutive victory in the team event, the Japanese and Taiwanese teams are also expected to compete for the championship. A soft tennis coach said, “It can be said that the strongest foreign players have participated in the tournament held in Korea. Male athletes will have to work hard so that it does not become a party for others.”

In the women’s general division, the 3rd match is expected between Mungyeong City Hall, last year’s winner Kim Yu-jin, Okcheon County Office, runner-up team, and NH Nonghyup Bank, with singles ace Lee Min-sun.
Women’s national team coach Yoo Young-dong (NH Nonghyup Bank) said, “Before the Asian Games, it is expected that the national team players will play with a sense of belonging as it is the last domestic competition in which they will wear their team uniforms.” It will be helpful in analyzing the power of Japan and Taiwan,” he said.

Jeong In-seon, president of the Korea Soft Tennis Association, said, “I am very happy that overseas players participated in the historical and traditional Dong-A Ilbo this year as well as last year.

Founded a century ago in 1923 as a women’s sporting event, the event opened its doors to male athletes in 2006. We are contributing to the expansion of the base of soft tennis that has won many medals in international competitions and the improvement of performance.
Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, has held the event every year since 2007 and has emerged as the ‘Mecca of soft tennis’.

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