The Brooklyn Nets are expected to maintain their current stance.

According to Mark Stein of The Stein Line, Brooklyn will be hiring Cameron Johnson (forward, 203cm, 95kg).

Johnson’s rookie contract expires at토스카지노 the end of the season. Before and after the start of this season, it was expected that he would sign an extension contract with the Phoenix Suns, his team at the time. However, the differences between the two sides were large. Phoenix offered $72 million over four years, but Johnson wanted $85 million over the same period.

Trade requests from Brooklyn followed during the season. Kevin Durant (Phoenix) also requested a trade after much consideration. Johnson was traded along with Mikal Bridges. Bridges took off as Brooklyn’s main gun. Johnson also contributed to the team by touching the ball a lot after the trade. He certainly missed out on many games due to injury at the beginning of the season.

He appeared in 25 games for Brooklyn after the trade. He recorded 16.6 points (.468 .372 .851), 4.8 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1.4 steals in 30.8 minutes per game. He didn’t play many games, but he became a major force when he took the starting forward spot in reorganizing Brooklyn. As a result, it was expected early that Brooklyn would of course try to renew the contract with him.

Johnson will become a restricted free agent this summer. It is expected that there will be a team aiming for a contract with Johnson in the transfer market. However, if Brooklyn offers the same conditions as other clubs, they can join. As far as it has been confirmed so far, Brooklyn is putting a lot of weight on Johnson’s retention, so it is predicted that he will accept tolerable conditions.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn’s final salary total for the upcoming 2023-2024 season is over $145.5 million. Even assuming you’re catching Johnson for $20 million per year, that’s a huge expense. Because Ben Simmons accounts for a large percentage of spending. Simmons is expected to receive roughly double the annual salary of Joe Harris next season (approximately $19.9 million).

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