Can Perry become the ‘second Sullinger’? What is the outlook after the first leg?

Changwon LG Sakers’ season was truly ‘tantan-daero’. Although he did not win the regular league championship, he went straight to the playoffs in the quarterfinals with a team color that changed 180 degrees in the first season with coach Cho Sang-hyun. Everyone applauded LG’s well-organized basketball. The odds of winning in the playoffs seemed good.

However, a major disaster occurred. It was decided that the team’s pillar, Asem Marey, would not be able to play in the playoffs due to injury. At least, we went straight to the semifinals, so we had time while the other teams played in the semifinals안전놀이터. In a hurry, they brought in a new foreign player named Reggie Perry. It was the best LG could do. What raised expectations was that Perry was a player worth his name on the NBA stage. He was praised for his attack power.

So there was a player that came to mind. That’s Jared Salinger. The playoffs in the 2020-2021 season were truly a solo performance for Sullinger. There were many expectations that he would do well with his brilliant career, but the difference in level was ‘over the top’. He played drums and janggu by himself. It was overwhelming enough that it would not be an exaggeration to say that coach Kim Seung-gi won the title one more time thanks to Serlinger. The unbelievable result of winning all 10 games in the playoffs for the first time in history came out.

LG would have expected it. May Perry be the ‘second Sullinger’.

The first round was so open. LG seemed to dominate the first half, but was pushed back by SK in the second half. Perry also raised expectations by scoring 11 points in the second quarter, but his presence was negligible in the second half. Only at the end of the 4th quarter, when the game was over, he only added two 3-pointers.

Unlike Perry, Sallinger had time to adapt to the last few games of the regular season. And the KGC player composition at the time also had aspects that matched well with Salinger. The rest of the players supported him so that he could play his basketball to the fullest. For Perry, this was the first match on the unfamiliar KBL stage. Even taking these points into consideration, it seems unlikely that Perry will become the “second Serlinger.”

As evaluated, Perry seems to be a player with a high level of one-on-one offense. He had a good shot touch and seemed to have skills. But that’s it. Seol Linzer showed off his ability to save his teammates when he did it when he did it. However, Perry is a player who specializes in his offense. For this type of player to win a team, he alone needs to bomb his opponents rim like crazy by 40 points or more.

LG is a team with good destructive power ahead of Lee Jae-do and Lee Kwan-hee. The two-on-two play between the two is the core of the offense. However, this also shines only when Marey’s screen is present. If Perry attacks alone from the outskirts without Marey, Lee Jae-do and Lee Kwan-hee’s power disappears.

Defense is also an issue here. The reason SK struggled against LG was because Marey, who had good strength and height, fought an equal fight with SK Jamil Warney. However, with Perry and Dante Cunningham, the bottom of the goal becomes Warney’s solo stage. Since we care about Warney in the first game, we should pay attention to the part where Choi Boo-kyung continued to easily score under the goal.

Marey also grabbed 10+ rebounds per game. It was the strength to take the lead every time in the rebound fight against SK. When that disappears, LG also hits its limits.

A basketball player who watched the first game diagnosed that “It is virtually impossible for a defense-oriented team to change into an offensive team in a short period of time by replacing players.”

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