I turned around and arrived in Jeonju. The signature cheering hanger, which became a hot topic by making Lee Dong-jun (26, Jeonbuk Hyundai) the female lead in an animation, will be held in the opening match between Jeonbuk and Ulsan Hyundai. 메이저사이트

An official from the Jeonbuk club said through this magazine, “I heard that the supporters received (Lee Dong-jun’s hanging). It will probably take a game against Ulsan,” he said. 

Lee Dong-jun’s cheering hanger is called ‘Cardcaptor Dong-jun’. This hanging was made by fans of Lee Dong-jun’s pro debut team, K-League 2 Busan I-Park. It is a parody of the Japanese animation ‘Cardcaptor Cherry’. The hanging has the face of Lee Dong-jun instead of Sakura Kinomoto, the main character of the cartoon. 

Lee Dong-jun, who is excellent at breaking through the dribble with his quick feet, draws out the opponent’s fouls and ‘cards’. It is known that a Busan fan who got the idea here produced ‘Card Captor Dong-jun’. Originally, it was decided to lower the hanger when Lee Dong-jun recorded 15 attack points, but as this cheering hanger became famous and popular among soccer fans, it continued to appear in the stadium. 

This hook moved with Lee Dong-jun whenever he transferred. It was a way for the supporter of the former team to pass it on to the supporter of the transfer team. After moving from Busan to Ulsan in 2021, Lee Dong-jun was caught at the Munsu Soccer Stadium, and after moving the enemy to Hertha Berlin last year, he moved across the sea to Germany. 

In fact, in February of last year, less than a month after Lee Dong-jun moved, Berlin fans left a photo of ‘Cardcaptor Dong-jun’ hanging before the match against Leipzig. It was also a big topic in Germany. German media Bild also highlighted Dong-jun, the card captor. 

However, Lee Dong-jun did not play many matches in Germany, and Geol-gae’s whereabouts were unknown. Recently, a Jeonbuk supporter reported that he had received a hook. Invictus, one of Jeonbuk supporters, said on social media on the 10th, “It is a gift that arrived from Germany.” Geolgae can be confirmed in the Ulsan expedition, the opening game of the league.” 

Unfortunately, the opponent for the opening game of the 2023 season is ‘parent’ Ulsan. Lee Dong-jun, wearing a Jeonbuk uniform, will meet Ulsan as enemies from this season. The two teams, which competed fiercely for the trophy every year, are hotter this season due to the transfer of Jun Amano (Jeonbuk). 

Lee Dong-joon’s hook is also expected to play a part in adding heat. This hanging hanging at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan just two years ago to cheer for Lee Dong-jun is expected to join forces with Jeonbuk supporters while hanging in the expeditionary seat. 

Last year’s FA Cup winners Jeonbuk and K-League champions Ulsan will clash at Munsu Soccer Stadium at 2:00 p.m. on the 25th. As long as there are no variables, Lee Dong-jun is expected to start and take charge of Jeonbuk’s side. At the K League 1 Opening Media Day held on the 20th, Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik picked Lee Dong-

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