‘Leaving Conte’ Tottenham, if the manager leaves, 4 players including Kulusevski will be sold

 Bad news is overlapping with Tottenham.  Britain’s ‘Express’ argued on the 31st (Korean time) that Tottenham may part ways with general manager Fabio Paratici, who has been banned from participating for 30 months worldwide, and that in this case, Tottenham is likely to sell four players.  The International Football Federation (토토사이트FIFA) disciplinary committee found that

‘Illegal gambling’ 5 teams in the metropolitan area “We are not”… KBO “It is at the stage of reviewing the information reported”

 This time, it is an illegal gambling report. Reports related to online illegal gambling in the KBO League, where various bad news overlap, have been reported to the KBO Clean Baseball Center. KBO said on the 31st, “Illegal gambling reports have come in to the Clean Baseball Center, and we are closely examining the contents.” A

Strayley Barnes, the fate of the team is on our shoulders

Interview with 3 ‘Aces’ outsiders– Stray Lee “Yoo Kang-nam framing good”– Barnes excellent slider against left-handed hitter– “I will have a great match with Lee Jeong-hoo this year” – Rex “ I will live up to expectations forlong hitting and defense” no. Even if only two of the three mercenaries succeed, you can experience at least ‘fall

“If you bring a gold medal, you might throw it in the toilet” Nutba, the runner-up pitcher who envied the WBC championship, jokes

 St. Louis Cardinals Miles Mycholas (35) could not hide his envy towards his teammate Lars Nutba (26) who won the World Baseball Classic (WBC).  Mycholas is a veteran starting pitcher with a record of 45 wins, 40 losses, and an ERA of .370 in 143 major league games (723 innings카지노사이트). He also played in Japanese professional

‘Weekly wage of 400 million’ DF, which was chosen as a replacement for Carvajal… the problem is glass

Rhys James has emerged as a replacement for Dani Carvajal. Spain’s ‘Diario As’ reported on the 30th (토토사이트Korean time), “Real Madrid want to sign James to reinforce the right full-back this summer.” Real have not worried about the right full-back in recent years. This is thanks to Carvajal, who joined Real in 2013, consistently maintaining world-class

Blocked, hit, roared… The volleyball empress who did not laugh even after winning “Champion, leisure is a luxury”

Kim Yeon-kyung in the regular league and the championship match will definitely be different.” Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min predicted this for Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Yeon-kyung ahead of the first round of the championship decision. The championship match, which came in first place in the regular league토토사이트, saw that his concentration to lead Heungkuk

From golf course design… ‘Busy body’ Tiger Woods

‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (48)’s vertical and horizontal moves are unusual. Woods designs the golf course together with Mike Trout (카지노사이트32, LA Angels), a major league hitter. Also, this year’s PGA tour is expected to be held at the golf course designed by Woods. NBC Sports reported on the 28th (Korean time) that Woods will design a