“If I play in Korea, I think it will be of great help to my growth.”

The 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation 토토사이트(KOVO) women’s tryout was held on the morning of the first day at the Turkiye Istanbul Hassan Doan Sports Complex (Bachchelliebler) on the 11th local time.

A total of 31 players showed their skills through practice games, and some players took the eyes of the coaches. Among them, Giovanna Milana (186cm, OH, USA) drew attention as nearly half of the directors mentioned her.

Giovanna, who participated in this tryout, said, “It is so much fun to be with players who have the same goal overall. It’s a good environment to compete with each other,” she said.

Giovanna is an outside hitter born in 1998 who spent a year each in the French and Puerto Rico leagues and currently plays for the CDA Talmasons League in the Italian Serie A2 league.

He is still young and has not gained much experience. So, he took the V-League as a springboard for further growth. He said, “I heard a lot about the V-League through the players and agents I played with. He heard that Korea trains a lot and takes volleyball seriously. In particular, if you think that it is a time to grow and run, the training in Korea will be of great help to you.”

He was a devout Christian. Giovanna said, “I am a Christian, and he heard that there is a Christian culture in Korea. He thinks Korean culture is amazing, and he wanted to experience the cultural differences,” he said, explaining his special reason for challenging the V-League.

While digesting the schedule, Giovanna worked with a bright expression and raised the atmosphere, and it was not easy to find a dislike expression. She said, “I always think that if there is a chance to show my side in every situation, I should show it. It’s hard to lose a game, but it’s important to show a positive side in training and in difficult situations. Showing bright energy and connecting my light to my teammates is important to the team heading towards champions,” she said of her mindset.

Due to the nature of the V-League, outsiders are responsible for a large proportion of attacks, but Giovanna was happy. He said, “I think it is a part of being strong as a player. I always spend time in the gym trying to get stronger by training every day, especially in the summer. Even if we have a lot of offense in Korea, we can do better. I am ready because I always work out with a personal trainer.”

He finally talked about his own strengths. “I like to play fast, and it is the most important factor in my play. And since there is potential to grow a lot in receiving and defense, I think I can grow more in Korea. I think it will be a good experience.”

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