National team midfielder Son Jun-ho토토사이트 (31, Shandong Taishan) is known to be under investigation by the Chinese public security in a state of detention, shocking. An official from the Korean Embassy in China said, “We understand that the Chinese Liaoning Provincial (public security) authorities are investigating Son Jun-ho while he is in custody.” According to a well-informed source, Son Jun-ho has been under investigation by the Public Security Bureau of Chaoyang City in Liaoning Province since the 12th in a state of “criminal detention.” ‘Criminal detention’ is a compulsory investigation conducted while temporarily detained for the purpose of investigation for an active offender or suspect. Since the main body of the investigation is the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Authority, Sohn is being investigated after being transferred from Shandong Province, where he is staying.

Son Jun-ho’s agent, who is currently in Thailand due to player transfer issues, told Sports Chosun, “Son Jun-ho was staying in China with his family and wanted to return to Korea for personal reasons. He even got permission from acting coach Fabio early on. Round-trip air tickets to China. “But suddenly, the authorities ordered Son Jun-ho to be suspended from leaving the country. Although he had already passed the departure screening, he was caught by the public security in front of the boarding gate,” he explained.

The reason is not match-fixing, which was initially discussed, but bribery charges. The Chinese football world is currently taking strong measures to eradicate match fixing. Previously, there were reports that Jin Jingdao, a Korean-Chinese athlete from Shandong, was arrested by Chinese judicial authorities in March. Son Jun-ho’s agent said, “According to what the Korean consul in China found out, I heard that he is being investigated for bribery, not match-fixing.” In fact, former Shandong coach Hao Wei is known to be under investigation for misconduct, and bribery charges are also being discussed.

It is known that Han Chinese agent A, who was involved in Son Jun-ho’s transfer to China, is also under arrest by the public security. Son Jun-ho’s agent said, “We have not been able to figure out what charges the other players and Mr. A, except for Son Jun-ho, are under investigation.” . He lamented, “Son Jun-ho was recognized for his skills and came to Shandong with good treatment, and even achieved good results. There is no reason for Son Jun-ho to bribe the manager or other high-ranking officials of the club.” Lastly, he said, “The consul is scheduled to visit Son Jun-ho, and I think he will be able to grasp the exact situation at that time.”

Son Jun-ho is one of Korea’s representative midfielders. He started his professional career in 2014 by joining the Pohang Steelers. He won a gold medal at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, and was selected as the K-League 1 MVP in 2020. He joined Shandong in 2021 and played an active role as the team’s key midfielder, contributing to the team’s ‘double’. He was recognized as the best player in the Chinese Super League at the time. Last year, he also participated in the World Cup in Qatar. He was also named in the first season of Klinsman.

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