There are 30 clubs in the major leagues, and there are nearly 800 players registered on the roster right now. Just entering the roster on a stage with the best players in the world is a big deal. If you are in the top 300 in the double rankings, it means that you are a top-notch player.

Choo Shin-soo (41‧SSG) and Ryu Hyun-jin (36‧Toronto) are the only Korean players who recently entered the “Fantasy League Ranking TOP 300” provided by ESPN for fans. In the fantasy league, users compete with each other by scoring points based on the records that players make in actual matches. It is natural that the better the player, the higher the ranking, but Choo Shin-soo and Ryu Hyun-jin were special players who had even entered the top 100.

Another Korean player was born here크크크벳. That is Kim Ha-seong (28‧ San Diego). Kim Ha-seong is securing stable playing time as San Diego’s starting second baseman this year. He is a player who can steadily build up grades, and his ranking has risen as he has shown a good trend in recent attacks.

It was also ranked 300th overall in the rankings recently announced by ESPN. Ha-seong Kim was not in the top 300 of this ranking last year. It is also a part that shows Kim Ha-sung’s improved position and changed evaluation. Despite his defensive stats not being reflected, he was included in the ‘Top 300’, proving that he is a player to look forward to in attack as well.

Kim Ha-seong has the advantage of being able to use not only second baseman, but also shortstop and third baseman. He was 32nd overall at second base, 26th at third base and also 26th at shortstop.

Among Asian players, Shohei Otani (LA Dodgers), who kept first place overall, was the highest, Yu Darvish (San Diego) was 44th overall, Masataka Yoshida (Boston), who has recently wielded a fire bat, was 65th, and Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs) ranked 65th. ) was 167th, Senga Kodai (New York Mets) was 193rd, Maeda Kenta (Minnesota) was 239th, and Kikuchi Yusei (Toronto) was 294th. While Choi Ji-man and Bae Ji-hwan were not included, they were the only Korean players to be listed in this ranking.

In the fantasy league rankings announced by the North American sports media ‘The Athletic’ on the 3rd, Kim Ha-seong ranked 280th and was also in the 300th. Kim Ha-seong has a batting average of 0.221, 3 home runs, 9 RBIs, 5 stolen bases, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.689 in 30 games until the 4th. If he raises his batting performance a little more, he will be able to get a better rating.

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