The Lotte Giants won the Education Mecenat Tower for eight consecutive years in recognition of their efforts and achievements in educational donation activities for youth in the Busan area.

Lotte announced on the 20th, “We won the Education Mecenat Tower at the 15th Education Mecenat Tower Awards Ceremony held at the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education on the 16th.”

The club introduced, “The Education Mecenat Tower is organized by the city of Busan and the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education to select and commend companies or organizations that have contributed to the development of education in Busan by actively participating in local education love sharing donation activities throughout the year.” The Lotte Giants have been recognized for their contribution to various educational donation activities through baseball, and have won the award for eight consecutive years, establishing themselves as Busan’s representative educational donation organization.” 토토사이트

He continued, “The club has been steadily working on the T-Ball Academy business and the Lotte Flag baseball tournament, and has been making continuous efforts to develop baseball in the Busan area and to discover and nurture prospects.”

According to the club, at the 2022 Lotte Little, Elementary, Middle, and High School Baseball Championship held this year, the Lotte Giants delivered youth baseball items worth about 150 million won.

In addition, the proceeds from the charity auction of team uniforms and cherished items were donated to help local underprivileged children. In addition, 6,000 practice balls will be donated to 15 middle and high schools in Busan.

Kim Jong-ho, head of the club’s management support division, who attended the award ceremony, said, “We will continue to expand the Mecenat business in more diverse fields to contribute to the development of baseball culture and talent development in the Busan region.”