The Okinawa camp reopened after 3 years, and the members of the lion corps are also growing.

Corona 19 shook the world. The KBO League was also heavily influenced. We had to play without spectators for a while. It wasn’t easy to cheer, and the players weren’t excited.

In particular, the road to overseas was blocked, so I had to prepare for the season in Korea for the past two years. If you prepare for the season in cold weather instead of warm weather, it is of course bad for the players. As the muscles do not relax properly, the risk of injury increases.

However, considering various factors such as the risk of infection and quarantine guidelines, it was not easy to go out.

However, as Corona 19 restrictions were lifted and fire regulations were relaxed, 10 KBO teams turned their eyes abroad. Seven of the 10 clubs (kt Wiz, SSG Landers, Hanwha Eagles, LG Twins, Kiwoom Heroes, KIA Tigers, NC Dinos) started in the United States, while the Doosan Bears went to Sydney, Australia, and the Lotte Giants went to Guam.

Samsung chose Okinawa, Japan, which is the most familiar place for them. Onna Village Akama Ball Park. It is a place with the best facilities among the Okinawa campgrounds, and Samsung has been training here since 2005. I invested a lot of money here, and the beginning of many winning memories was also from here. Recently, an extension contract was signed.

On the 1st, officials from Onnason held an event to welcome Samsung back after 3 years. “Thank you for visiting Onna Village again this year,” said the Mayor of Onna Village, Nagahama. It is expected that local children will also have dreams and hopes thanks to Samsung, the most prestigious baseball team in Korea, opening the camp. I will pray with the residents so that I can finish the camp safely and win this year.”

The hell training continues, but the players’ motivation is growing as they train and build their bodies in a warm place. From morning to night, a packed schedule for the day always awaits the players, but apart from that, I am 100%, no 200% satisfied with this environment where I can focus only on training.

Infielder Kang Han-wool said, “The weather is warm, so I really like it. I think my body is getting better than when I was in Korea.”

Veteran pitcher Woo Gyu-min also said, “Through this training, I felt why I had to do an overseas spring camp. In the past two years, due to COVID-19, there were many difficult parts, such as training, and there were immature parts at important times. When I was in Korea, there were many things that were complexly lacking, but now it is an environment where I can only focus on training. It’s good to be able to make a good body,” he laughed.

Rookie pitcher Seo Hyeon-won, who is in his first spring camp after his debut, said, “The training is definitely different from when I was in high school. The environment in which you can build your body is right,” he said.먹튀검증

Just like the players, the coaching staff is more motivated. From early in the morning, he is digesting the same training schedule as the players. He doesn’t mind training at night either. They are holding hands with the players and sweating. “I am so grateful that the coaches do this for the players,” came from many Samsung players.

The Okinawa camp reopened after 3 years, and the enthusiasm of the lion corps is also growing. He also dreams of gaining hegemony, which he has not been able to bring since 2014.

Meanwhile, Samsung will have a total of 5 practice matches, including Lotte on the 28th, KIA on March 1st and 5th, SSG on the 6th, and Hanwha on the 8th.

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