“There will be times when the blow doesn’t work…”

After the end of last year, coach Lee Seung-yeop took office as the Doosan Bears’ command tower, foreshadowing ‘precise baseball’.먹튀검증

It was a giant gun that set a new personal career home run record (467) in the KBO League during his active career, but Lee introduced, “I have a strong home run hitter image, but I experienced detailed baseball in Japan.”

Manager Lee recruited Jung Soo-seong, who is well versed in strategy and baserunning, as his strategy coach.

During the finishing camp and spring camp, coach Jung lectured the team on the operational situation and conducted repeated drills. Coach Jung emphasized, “I will add details so that the strategy and running base can become the team’s winning formula.”

On the 19th, in a game against Australia All-Stars, Doosan showed ‘running baseball’. On this day, Doosan’s Ahn Jae-seok, Lee Yoo-chan, and Kim In-tae succeeded in stealing bases. Even though it was a practice game, when I saw an opening, I stole the base without hesitation. Or, he boldly ran base on a single hit and attempted baseball to go ‘one more base’.

White rice is 5 words. In the first company, runner Lee Yoo-chan stole second base. When Daehan Kim followed up at bat, Yoochan Lee started with third base, and Daehan Kim’s shortstop grounder. The batted ball went rather slowly, and Yoo-chan Lee ran home without hesitation as the shortstop threw to first base. Safe in the end. From 1-1, Doosan took a 2-1 lead.

Local broadcasters also admired Lee Yoo-chan’s base run play, calling it “crazy base running.”

Lee Yu-chan said, “Both the second base and the third base were stolen. Dae-han (Kim), who was stealing third base, sent a ball to the shortstop, but he had reached the third base before the catch. I wanted to win, but coach Jung Soo-seong also He turned it around and ran instinctively. The moment I went home, I wanted to live,” he recalled the situation at the time.

Lee Yu-chan continued, “In a way, this is my strong point. I have to make use of this even during the season. Coach Jung Soo-seong always instills confidence in me. An opportunity like this won’t come often during the season. But if I score in this situation, I can bring the atmosphere to the full. There is. I will prepare every moment.”

Director Lee also applauded Lee Yu-chan’s perfect strategy. Manager Lee praised, “When the blow doesn’t work out, you can solve the game in a different way. Lee Yu-chan didn’t miss a chance in that area and caught the opponent off guard.”

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