Even now, in Coach Choi Jae-ho’s room, there is a photo of Choi Ji-min and Choi Jae-ho taken during the youth team. To that extent, Choi Ji-min is his favorite disciple. Choi Ji-min is like a player created by coach Choi Jae-ho.온라인바카라

Choi Ji-min, who graduated from Gyeongpo Middle School in Gangneung, had no presence at all until her first year of high school. He was a pitcher who had a hard time throwing even one inning properly. He did the same in his sophomore year. He was an unfinished standby who longed for Kim Jin-wook. Above all, he was very anxious about his control. He also went through trial and error in the process of raising his arm.

However, when he was in his third year of high school, Ji-min Choi completely transformed. Above all, his control was perfect, and his speed rose to 145 km. In the process of increasing his strength and correcting his pitching form, he caught his RBI. Director Choi said, “I have the know-how to catch my own ball. First of all, a pitcher needs to build some strength and balance his body. And then he thinks he can discuss the ninth. If all of the steps have been taken and control is not forthcoming, then there is a serious problem,” he said.

In fact, Jo Dae-hyeon, who had not been able to control his pitching at all in his sophomore year, also improved his pitching rapidly under coach Choi Jae-ho. It can be said that Choi Ji-min went through a similar process.

Choi Ji-min, who came to mind while winning the Golden Lion and the National Sports Festival in his 3rd year, was nominated 5 times in the 2nd 1st round (15 times overall) and joined Kia. And in his first year at the club, he didn’t stand out at all.

However, Director Choi considered that time very important. “Honestly, in my first year, I didn’t have much stamina, so I couldn’t use it a lot even if I tried to use it a lot. It’s because I didn’t build that much strength. If I pitch a few games at the beginning of the season, it will be empty. And in high school, I don’t teach curve balls or sliders. It’s because I think the rest should be learned in the pros. What you need to learn in high school is basic skills, not technical skills. It’s natural to struggle in the first year. “But Choi Ji-min handled the time well for a year. More than anything

, My strength has improved and my body has improved. Last winter, I called Choi Ji-min and had him practice with my juniors at Gangneung High School for about a month. I told him not to play and come here to practice. He came right before going to Geelong Korea, so I went and the coach told me to. I was told to throw it to death as it is,” he said with a laugh.

Coach Choi said, “There will be differences for each club. Personally, I am opposed to players coming to the fore from the first year. I don’t think fans or clubs should expect too much from a first year player. They are players who have only had experience. They are players who are not fully durable, so they cannot last long anyway. It is important to taste the bitterness of a pro and build a body that can lead in a pro. The direction in the first year determines the growth of that player. I think the real start is the year after I built my body in the professional training process, made a change that can be used in practice, and tasted bitterness from my seniors. In that respect, Choi Ji-min was a great success.” Coach Choi gave

the same advice to Dae-hyeon Cho (Gangneung High School 3rd year) Coach Choi said, “I don’t know which team Dae-hyeon Cho will go to, but I just want to build my body in my first year. I went to Geelong Korea in the winter, He added, “If you make at least one breaking ball in a pro, this player has the quality to be great.”

KIA Lee Eui-ri (right) and Choi Ji-min aboard the Hangzhou AG baseball team. /Photo = News 1

Pitching Choi Ji-min (Gwangju = Yonhap News) Reporter Cho Nam-soo = KIA Choi Ji-min pitches in the ninth inning in a professional baseball game between Kiwoom Heroes and KIA Tigers held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 21st. 2023.5.21 iso64@yna.co.kr (end)

Pitching Choi Ji-min (Gwangju = Yonhap News) Reporter Cho Nam-soo = KIA Choi Ji-min pitches in the ninth inning in a professional baseball game between NC Dinos and KIA Tigers held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 17th. 2023.6.17 iso64@yna.co.kr (end)

Last year Choi Ji-min was disappointing. However, in the process, he found the real one, found the arm height that suits him, and increased his speed by more than 5Km in the process of Kia’s drive-in. Choi Ji-min, who took the mound as a finisher against LG on July 1, overcame Lee Jae-won’s bat by force. His best speed was recorded over 150 km.

Kim Chan, head of the training team for Kia Futures, said, “When rookies join, their bodies are weak. When players join, we first check the basics. And after becoming a body, you will perform the work of attaching muscle strength. You may have heard of ATSC. AT is to make the body of the players in the best condition, and SC is to make the body of the players to be used to the fullest. After that, it is called the ‘drive line’, so I maximize the speed while working on maximizing the twist of the body.”

It is no coincidence that Eui-ri Lee and Ji-min Choi went through training at Kia and their speed increased by more than 5 km compared to their high school days.

Choi Jimin’s arm is lower, but his twisting motion is much better than last year. It is clear that Choi Ji-min’s success story can become a teacher on the other hand for the Kia Tigers in the future. This is because it is important to continue following and repeating the same success stories in fostering new talent.

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