A man in his 30s who forcibly molested his teenage cousin’s sister and took her to a motel to sexually assault her has been sentenced to prison.

The Uijeongbu District Court Criminal Division 13 (Chief Judge Park Joo-young) recently sentenced Mr. A, a man in his 30s, to five years in prison for violating the Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes and Protection of Victims (forcible molestation by kinship)먹튀검증.

The court also ordered him to complete an 80-hour sexual assault treatment program and to be restricted from working at a child and youth-related institution and a welfare facility for the disabled for three years each.

In 2009, Mr. A invited his teenage cousin, Ms. B, to his home with the promise that he would help her exercise to lose weight.

However, instead of helping her exercise, Mr. A forced her to take off her clothes and molested her by touching her body, and she was unable to resist.

In 2011, when Ms. B was graduating from school, Mr. A took her to a motel under the pretense of counseling her about her problems, demanded that she take off her clothes again, and when she refused, angrily told her, “We are family,” creating an atmosphere of coercion, and then sexually assaulted her.

Mr. A’s behavior came to light when Ms. B told her parents.

During a meeting with Ms. B’s parents, Mr. A admitted to his crimes, but then abruptly left the country and did not return for more than two years.

Ms. B’s family sued Mr. A, and he was arrested by police upon his return.

In court, Mr. A reportedly changed his tune, denying his crimes and claiming that the sex was consensual.

The court did not accept Mr. A’s claim, stating that “the crime of forcibly molesting and forcibly sexually assaulting his cousin, who was a minor, is very bad and highly socially and ethically reprehensible,” and that “the defendant is still denying the crime with unconvincing excuses, which requires strict punishment.”

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