Samsung, which has escaped from the swamp of 6 consecutive losses, challenges the winning streak with the ace trio at the fore. 

Samsung won Daegu SSG 11-9 on the 13th. 6 consecutive losses since the Daegu Hanwha game on the 6th. Samsung invites Lotte to its home on the 14th and plays three consecutive matches over the weekend. Samsung will select David Buchanan on the 14th토스카지노, Albert Suarez on the 15th, and Won Tae-in on the 16th. 

The momentum of foreign one-two punch Buchanan and Suarez is good. In the first appearance of the season, he showed a somewhat sluggish appearance, but regained a sense of stability. 

On the 1st, in the regular season opener against NC, Buchanan, who suffered a loss with 5 innings, 8 hits, 5 strikeouts and 4 runs, showed a fighting spirit by throwing 110 pitches against LG on the 8th, giving up 3 hits and 1 run in 8 innings. He blocked it with only one run in the first inning without a bases loaded crisis, and showed a powerful pitching of 18 consecutive batters from first base in the second inning to the seventh inning. 

Suarez collapsed with 9 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, 2 strikeouts and 6 runs in 3 innings against Daegu NC on the 2nd, his first appearance of the season. With the help of the batting line, he avoided defeat, but it was a pitch that fell short of expectations. There were no two failures. Suarez played 96 pitches in 7 innings against LG in Jamsil on the 9th, giving up 6 hits, 3 walks, 2 strikeouts and 2 runs. 

Buchanan and Suarez failed to hunt for the first win due to lack of support from the other line, but the contents of the pitching were flawless.

Manager Park Jin-man predicted, “The starting lineup must be stable in the long race. The one-two punch showed a good performance, but there is a lot to look forward to. It will get better in the future.” Won Tae-in was also responsible for 5 innings both against Hanwha on the 4th and against SSG on the 11th. 

All of them showed good performances against Lotte last year. Buchanan had 2 wins and no loss in 2 games (average ERA of 3.00), Suarez had 2 wins and 1 win and no loss in 2 games (1.38 ERA), and Won Tae-in had 2 wins in 3 games and was undefeated (2.57 ERA). 

Captain Oh Jae-il, who scored the final blow against SSG in Daegu on the 13th, expressed anticipation, saying, “Since tomorrow (14th) the first starter will go in, I think it will go in a good way.

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