The table tennis team departed for South Africa, where the world championships were held last night.
Shin Yu-bin, the leader of women’s table tennis, expressed her strong aspirations to win her first world championship medal in this tournament.
This is reporter Choi Hyung-gyu.

Although they had a long flight ahead of them, which took a whole day to travel, the table tennis team’s expression was bright as they headed to the decisive battle in South Africa.

After two weeks of intense training at the안전놀이터 Jincheon National Training Center, the goal of the national team is to win medals in all events including singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

The most eye-catching is, of course, ‘Women’s table tennis signboard’ Shin Yu-bin.

She is determined to wash away her disappointment of having to give up the event two years ago after injuring her wrist, with her first world championship medal in her career in South Africa.

▶ Interview: Shin Yu-bin / National Table Tennis Representative
– “My goal is to use what I practiced in the game, and if I do that, I wonder if good results will follow…”

Lim Jong-hoon, who works with Shin Yu-bin in the mixed doubles, has pledged to live up to expectations as he is evaluated as the closest to winning a medal.

▶ Interview: Lim Jong-hoon / National Table Tennis Representative
– “I’m playing in three events, but I’m still aiming for a medal in one event, even a gold medal…”

If the national team, ahead of the Hangzhou Asian Games four months later, wins a medal at this event, it is expected to be close to the Asian Games gold medal in 21 years.

This is Choi Hyung-gyu from MBN News.

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