A funeral home in Gyeonggi Province is causing controversy by guiding the bereaved family members to change clothes at the funeral hall where CCTV is in operation토토사이트.

The bereaved family belatedly realized that there was CCTV and protested, but it was after all the undressing had already been filmed.

The bereaved family is known to have filed a complaint with the police against the director, representative, and staff of the funeral home in question.

According to the police on the 12th, Mr. A, in his 40s, finished the funeral of his father at a funeral home in Osan at around 11 am on the 31st of last month, and was guided by an employee to take off his mourning clothes and change into casual clothes at the funeral.

At the time, it was possible to change in the waiting room for the bereaved before the funeral, but Mr. A explained that there was no place to change clothes after the funeral procedures were completed

After the three sisters were restored, the male family members who followed them found a CCTV installed in the corner of the ceiling of the funeral hall and pointed out to the funeral home, “ Did you ask the funeral home to change clothes here even after knowing that CCTV was installed? ”

In response, a person in charge of the funeral home said, “ I knew that CCTV was installed,” and replied, “It was a place where I changed into custom.”

A’s family immediately reported the incident to the police.

Police officers dispatched to the scene checked the CCTV footage and found that the bereaved family members were changing clothes in their underwear. Regarding the situation at the time, Mr. A said, “Although there is a notice attached to the elevator that says ‘CCTV is installed at

the funeral ,’ there was no such notice at the funeral, so I could not find it.” He then confessed, “I am even more embarrassed to have this happen when I have not been able to properly control my emotions after leaving my beloved family.” He said, “There must be many customers who have suffered damage without knowing it,” and said, “The funeral home should take immediate action.”


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