He met French President Emmanuel Macron and ran the Paris Half Marathon. He posted his daily life in Paris on Facebook, where he ate his meals of sunban and seaweed. But his Parisian bliss was short-lived. News came from South Korea.

Allegations had surfaced that aides who had helped him at the Democratic Party convention two years earlier had passed around “envelopes of money메이저놀이터.” To placate an angry public, he abandoned his scheduled trip and flew home. We’re talking about Song Young-gil, the former leader of the Democratic Party of Korea.

If the prosecution’s investigation confirms that the aides passed out ‘money envelopes’ at the convention, it will be difficult for Song Young-gil, who was elected as the party’s leader at the time, to escape the prosecution’s investigation because he can be seen as a ‘money envelope recipient’.

Prior to the ‘money envelope’ allegations, Song was a leading politician among the so-called ’86 generation’ of politicians who were born in the 1960s and graduated in the 1980s. He served as a five-term member of parliament, mayor of Incheon, and head of the Democratic Party of Korea, and was even talked about as the ‘next frontrunner’. Will he be able to clear his name and continue his political career after the ‘money envelope’ case? Check out the video of ‘Magazine Donga’ on YouTube to learn more.

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