‘Arsenal, do some work!’

West Ham, who made the EPL’s highest-ever transfer fee deal in this summer transfer market, is embarrassed by an unexpected situation. Now it’s almost at the level of anger. It’s because the trading partner keeps not pressing the ‘confirm purchase’ button. At the same time, the transfer fee is not deposited. The strategy to recruit new players with this transfer fee is also experiencing setbacks. This is because Arsenal are spending time without finalizing the transfer of Declan Rice.스포츠토토

British media The Sun said on the 13th (Korean time), ‘The West Ham club is angry when Arsenal continues to delay the confirmation of Rice’s recruitment. This is because they may miss their top priority recruiting target.” West Ham and Arsenal struck a huge deal eight days ago. On the 5th, he sent Rice to Arsenal and decided to receive a transfer fee of 105 million pounds (approximately 174 billion won). This is a new record for the highest transfer fee in EPL history. The previous record was £100m Jack Grealish received on his way to Manchester City.

However, more than a week has passed since then, and Arsenal have yet to finalize Rice’s signing. The individual agreement between the player and the club is over, and the medical test has been completed, but the Arsenal club is still not taking the final stamp.

As a result, the transfer fee that Arsenal agreed to give has not been deposited. Arsenal is supposed to pay 105 million pounds in three installments over two years, but the first payment did not come in as the contract was not finalized. It’s annoying for West Ham. The installment payment of the transfer fee was also considered as much as possible from Arsenal’s point of view, but even that has not yet come in clearly.

Due to this, West Ham may not be able to bring the player they are aiming for. West Ham are targeting Leicester City winger Harvey Barnes, but in the aftermath of Arsenal’s delay in approval, they are in danger of losing to Newcastle. They are also afraid that the transfer fee of Fulham defender João Palinha will be set first. In the end, these are the things that happened when Arsenal delayed the approval of Rice’s transfer. West Ham are empty-handed even after making the highest-ever transfer fee deal.

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