Hana 1 Q has emerged as a casting voter for the second place competition. A team that loses to Hana 1 Q is likely to be pushed out of the competition for second place.먹튀검증

The competition for second place in women’s professional basketball, which is at the end of the season, is hot. Asan Woori Bank confirmed the first place. Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (16 wins, 11 losses, 2nd place), Incheon Shinhan Bank, and Busan BNK (15 wins, 12 losses, a tie for 3rd place) are competing for the second place.

If the runner-up Samsung Life wins all three remaining games, it automatically takes second place. However, the match against rival teams BNK and Shinhan Bank was left behind. If they lose both games, they could fall to 4th place.

If BNK wins against Samsung Life Insurance, it is highly likely to take second place. Both teams have an advantage in the opponent’s record with 4 wins and 2 losses, so they occupy the top ranking when they are at least tied.

Shinhan Bank is guaranteed to have 13 more opponents than the 2nd place competitor, so it is possible to place 2nd only if they win 1 more than them. In particular, it is impossible to place second if you lose in a face-to-face match with Samsung Life Insurance. Considering this, it is a position to avoid 4th place meeting Woori Bank in the playoffs rather than 2nd place.

There is a team that has a head-to-head matchup with all of them in the complex 2nd place competition. Hana One Q is 6th with 4 wins and 23 losses.

Hana 1Q faces Shinhan Bank on the 23rd, BNK on the 27th, and Samsung Life Insurance on the 3rd of next month.

Currently, it is recording 5 losses against Shinhan Bank and BNK and 1 win and 4 losses against Samsung Life Insurance. If they win at least one match against them, the team that loses one to Hana 1Q will be one step behind in the competition for second place.

Hana 1Q, who won 5 games last season, wants at least the same number of wins as last season.

Can Hana 1 Q really sprinkle red pepper powder on the competition for second place?

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