suffered the loss of his mother. However, even in the midst of Zongcheon Jiache (終天之痛), she decided to climb the mound as scheduled체스카지노.

Kershaw’s wife, Ellen, attended the opening ceremony of the baseball field created by the charity foundation ‘Kershaw’s Challenge’ on Mother’s Day in the United States on the 15th and said, “My mother-in-law, Maryanne Tombow, passed away yesterday morning.” ”he said. The Associated Press reported, “It is not known how old Ms. Tombo died or what the cause of her death was.”

While his wife broke the news of his mother’s passing, Kershaw was playing catch with his daughter Carly Ann, 8, ahead of the home San Diego match. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said ahead of this game, “Kershaw is trying to pretend he’s okay, but his heart is very heavy.” ”he said.

Kershaw declined all requests for coverage that day. Major League Baseball (MLB) players can get up to seven games of vacation when a family member passes away.

Tombow divorced her husband in 1998 when Kershaw was 10 years old, and she raised her son alone near Dallas, Texas. “Her husband grew up with a baseball in his hand,” says Ellen. “There was no greater joy for her mother-in-law than watching her son grow into a baseball player, philanthropist and father of four.” told

Kershaw, who recorded 6 wins, 2 losses, and an ERA of 2.36 in 8 games this year, even when his musician father Christopher died on April 29, 2013, took the mound five days later against San Francisco as scheduled and recorded 1 run in 7 innings.

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