Hyeon-gyu has a final goal. It is to advance to the English Premier League (EPL). It is a bigger dream than Celtic. I really want it to come true. I support you.” 안전놀이터

Director Lee Byeong-geun of Suwon Samsung, who recently left Hyun-kyu Oh, sincerely wished for the success of ‘My Disciple’. Oh Hyun-gyu headed to Celtic, the most prestigious club in the Scottish Premier League. Oh Hyun-kyu made his Celtic debut on the 30th of last month against Dundee United, and on the 2nd he played against Livingston at Celtic Park, the home stadium. Oh Hyun-gyu, who has just stepped into a new league, but his early adaptability is so unusual that even goalkeeper Joe Hart, a former Manchester City key player, admires it.

Contrary to Celtic, which embraces Oh Hyun-gyu, his former club, Suwon, was not easy to hand over a rising striker. This is because Oh Hyun-gyu was the savior who saved Suwon from the K-League last season. Here, he joined the 2022 FIFA (International Football Federation) Qatar World Cup Plus member of the Korean national football team led by former coach Paulo Bento. 

The Celtic club has already been keeping an eye on Oh Hyun-gyu since last summer. Coach Lee said, “When the offer came for a million dollars, I had a meeting with the player and said that this offer had come.” Celtic did not give up Oh Hyun-kyu. Through his upgrade contract, he raised the level of his love call. The Suwon club is rumored to have supported the player after Celtic made a large bet, ranging from 2 billion won to 4 billion won.

Director Lee, who coached Oh Hyun-kyu, was also in a difficult situation. There is no coach in the world who can stop a player’s dream, but the absence of a student who has rapidly grown as a key resource is regrettable. Coach Lee also recently held a K-League media camp at Shilla Stay in Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. It is,” he said, expressing his regret and taking his luck.

However, director Lee had no choice but to support Oh Hyun-gyu’s dream by prioritizing it. Director Lee added, “Hyeon-gyu has been playing soccer since he was young, and his goal is to advance to the EPL. If he doesn’t do that, he will be resentful.”

Oh Hyun-gyu’s transfer had the will of the club besides Lee, but in the end, everyone decided to support the player’s dream with one mind. Coach Lee also said, “I wanted to open Hyun-gyu’s dream. It’s not something I decided on, but I didn’t want to catch it. If it’s Hyun-gyu, he can succeed on the European stage and make a big contribution to Korean football.”

When asked what he had talked about with Oh Hyun-gyu, coach Lee said, “Hyeon-gyu said that going to Europe was his dream since he was young. It was a difficult decision, but I wanted to support his dream. I’m going to represent Suwon Samsung, and succeeding there helps Korean football There are many excellent national team players such as Japan, and I was confident that I could overcome it,” he said, referring to the advice he gave to his student.

Next, coach Lee said, “I support Hyeon-gyu’s final goal to advance to the EPL and play soccer. I hope he achieves a dream bigger than Celtic. I also want to go and cheer myself on during the off-season,” wishing for the student’s success.

On the other hand, the Suwon team is worried about the vacancy of Oh Hyun-kyu right now. Regarding this, coach Lee said, “It is important to find a replacement. We communicate closely with the club to select a player who has the ability and experience and, above all, fits well with our team. If you have experience in the K-League, it will be easy to adapt. I am also worried about the U-20 (player under the age of 20) card, which I was not worried about when I was Hyungyu. There are about three young players with potential, and I am constantly looking for them, and I have to discover them during winter training.” One of Suwon’s key tasks for the new season will be the emergence of Oh Hyun-kyu’s alternative offensive resources. 

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