‘Flawless technician’ and ‘record maker’ Novak Djokovic (36, Serbia, world No. 2) reached the top of the US Open for the first time in five years and won his 24th Grand Slam title.스포츠토토

Djokovic defeated Daniil Medvedev (27, Russia, world No. 3) 3-0 (6-0) in the men’s singles final of the 2023 US Open Tennis Tournament held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York on the 11th (Korean time). 3 won 7-6<7-5> 6-3).

With this, Djokovic achieved his record 24th major championship men’s singles win. In particular, it was on par with Margaret Court’s (Australia) record of 24 wins, the most ever in both men’s and women’s singles.

In the final of this tournament in 2018, Djokovic defeated Juan Martin del Potro (Argentina) 3-0 to win the championship. He later reached the finals again in 2021, but lost 0-3 (4-6 4-6 4-6) to Medvedev and had to be satisfied with second place.

At the time, Djokovic had won the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. By conquering the US Open alone, he could achieve the milestone of a Calendar Grand Slam (winning all four Grand Slam tournaments in one year). However, he was caught by Medvedev, the ‘master of the hard court’, and missed out on achieving the calendar Grand Slam since Rod Laver (Australia) in 1969.

Last year, Djokovic’s participation in the US Open was canceled due to the issue of not being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Djokovic, who returned to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York where the tournament was held for the first time in two years, won the tournament for the fourth time.

Djokovic proved that he is still the ‘strongest player’ by winning the Australian Open, Roland Garros French Open, and US Open this year. He battled Carlos Alcaraz (20, Spain, world No. 1) in a full set in the Wimbledon final last July, but lost 2-3 (6-1 6-7<6-8> 1-6 6-3 4-6 ) and ended up in second place.

Djokovic, who lost to Alcaras at the time, missed out on his 24th Grand Slam title. In this tournament, he finally stood shoulder to shoulder with the court, taking one step closer to becoming the greatest player of all time (GOAT: The Greatest Of All Time). With Roger Federer (42, Switzerland) retiring and Rafael Nadal (37, Spain) unable to play on the court this season due to injury, Djokovic is likely to become the winner of the GOAT competition.

Medvedev defeated Alcaras 3-1 (7-6 <7-3> 6-1 3-6 6-3) in the semifinals the day before. He reached the US Open finals for the first time in two years and aimed for ‘Again 2021’. However, he lost to Djokovic by a narrow margin in the match and missed out on winning his second Grand Slam tournament.

Djokovic recorded 10 wins and 5 losses against Medvedev.

Djokovic broke first in the first set, 1-0. Even the subsequent serve game was maintained, widening the score gap to 3-0. Medvedev, who was pushed back by Djokovic’s strong serve and backhand at the beginning of the set, chased down to 3-5, but was unable to keep up with the widening score gap.

Djokovic succeeded in taking the lead by winning the first set 6-3.

Medvedev, who launched a counterattack, showed his power from the second set with his long-standing serve. He steadily maintained his serve game and had a close battle throughout the game. The second set was held as a ‘wall break fight’. Djokovic was in danger of allowing a break when he was down 5-6.

However, he scored like Altoran with a volley following his serve, tying the score at 6-6.

At the tiebreak point 5-5, Djokovic took a step away with a deep serve. Afterwards, Medvedev made an error, and Djokovic, like the ‘tie-break man,’ took the second set.

Medvedev, ahead of the third set, complained of pain in his left shoulder and requested medical time. After receiving a shoulder massage, he went onto the court and attempted to turn things around.

However, Djokovic made a decisive break in the third set, 2-1. Medvedev responded with a break and trailed 2-3, but then gave up two games.

Djokovic, who took a 5-2 lead, won the third set and confirmed his 24th major championship win.

Djokovic had 4 serve aces, and Medvedev had 6. Medvedev’s first serve success rate was only 65% ​​and Djokovic’s was only 54%, but in scoring rate after the first serve success, Djokovic surpassed Medvedev’s 71% with 81%. In the winner’s fight, Djokovic had the upper hand with 38-32.

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