“It is heartbreaking.”

The Lotte Giants’ symbolic cheering song ‘Busan Seagull’, which had never been sung since the end of 2017, is back.

On the 6th, Lotte said,토토사이트 “The cheering song ‘Busan Seagull’ will be revived,” and “After continuing to form a consensus with the original singer to quench the fans’ thirst for upbringing and cheering, ‘Busan Seagull’ is the official cheering song ahead of the home opening game on the 7th. It has been designated as,” he said. At the pre-event before the home opening, the club and the copyright owner Shin Dong-hoon, the composer, hold an official cheering song designation ceremony. At the cleaning time at the end of the 5th inning, singer Joa Lee’s ‘Busan Seagull’ performance was held, and at the beginning of the 7th inning, the cheering squad and the crowd decided to cheer for ‘Sing along’.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton, who wanted to listen to the ‘Busan Seagull’ as an away team player in the early 2000s, said, “It’s my favorite song” ahead of the Incheon SSG Landers game on the 6th. I got to see the expressions of the fans singing ‘Busan Seagull’. I still can’t forget the moment when I got goosebumps. I want to feel the thrill again.”

Lotte has been steadily wanting to revive the cheering song since 2018, when it was forbidden to sing ‘Busan Seagull’ due to copyright issues. This time, the revival was possible thanks to the combined efforts of the club’s front desk, including Lotte club CEO Lee Kang-hoon and Lotte cheerleader Cho Ji-hoon. “It’s really heartbreaking,” said Joe. It’s exciting to be able to sing again. It’s a really symbolic song for us, and it was really disappointing for the time we couldn’t sing. Thank you again to the original songwriter,” he said.

‘Busan Seagull’ also stimulated nostalgia for the players who remember the heated spectator culture. Captain Jeon Jun-woo said, “‘Busan Seagull’ is a song that has a special meaning to Lotte fans and players.” I will repay the fans who have been looking for me since the opening series with a great image. I hope everyone will sing the cheering song with a loud voice.”

Lotte marketing manager Bae Seon-yu said, “I knew the longing and waiting of Lotte fans for ‘Busan Seagull,’ so I definitely wanted to sing it again. As we will be using it as an official cheering song starting this season, we ask for your enthusiastic support.” Composer Shin Dong-hun said, “Thanks to the passionate Lotte fans, ‘Busan Seagull’ has been loved a lot. With this opportunity, we will continue to work together with the club so that the ‘Busan Seagull’ can resonate louder at Sajik Stadium.”

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