He is cooling off his hot shoulders. 

On the 10th, the Korea Volleyball Association (hereafter referred to as the Association, President Oh Han-nam) held the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) held in Turkey, Brazil, and Korea (Suwon) from May 30 to July 2. The team roster has been announced.

Among them, the name of Lee Han-bi (Pepper Savings Bank), who showed a compliant performance as a receiving apogee in the VNL match against Italy last year, was not included. Lee Han-bi, who was on the first national team at the time, played a big role with 14 points in attack and 52% attack success rate, making a big contribution to bringing the set. Against China, he scored 12 points. 

The World Championship was not picked up due to injury, but during the 22-23 season, the performance shown by the team shone. Because of this, he was predicted to be promoted to the national team again this year. 

However, his name was missing from this apogee list. Ji-yoon Moon (GS Caltex) was named the Apposite Spiker, So-Hwi Kang (GS Caltex)토토사이트, Da-Eun Kim, Mi-Yeon Kim (Heungkuk Life Insurance Lee Sang), Jung-Ah Park (Chief, Korea Expressway Corporation), Ji-Yoon Jeong (Hyundai E&C), Seung-Joo Pyo for outside heaters. (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea) finally boarded.    

An official from Pepper Savings Bank, who recently had a phone call with this magazine, said, “(Lee) Hanbi’s shoulder and foot are not good, so he is currently concentrating on reinforcement and recovery.” In addition, he added, “I needed a break because I played a full set without taking a break during the season.”

Lee Han-bi participated in a total of 36 games this season and scored 439 points, ranking 13th (7th among domestic players) and 11th wit

Lee Han-bi, who transferred from Heungkuk Life Insurance to Pepper Savings Bank last season, became the captain and began to eat experience points in earnest. Due to the team’s situation where the supply and demand of players were not smooth, his body was exhausted and he could not escape the waves. Lee Han-bi’s seat was very large. Last season he was with Mercenary Elisabeth, but this season he’s been with Nia Reed, who has had his ups and downs, and has done nearly 1.5 servings. 

Lee Han-bi, who devoted two seasons to the team, left a mark on volleyball fans with his clear growth and honest sense of responsibility. The same team member, Park Kyung-hyeon, gave Lee Han-bi the nickname ‘Cheol-bi’, which means that he is as strong as iron. 

This season, the team struggled with a thinner player pool as some players, including middle blocker Ha Hye-jin, left due to injuries. Controversy over Lee Jae-young, who was expelled from the league due to school violence, and former manager Kim Hyung-sil stepped down at the beginning of the season due to poor performance, and the unstable start overlapped.

However, acting manager Lee Kyung-soo, who took the baton, recruited Oh Ji-young as a libero and the team gradually strengthened, and Lee Han-bi’s performance also shined. After his founding, he made 5 wins (5 wins, 31 losses), the most wins, and finished the season with a maze of Yujong. 

Although it was at the bottom for two consecutive years, the fact that it played an active role in ‘red pepper powder’, such as turning the season champion, Road Corporation twice, and defeating Hyundai E&C and GS Caltex, remains unchanged. At the center was Lee Han-bi.

Meanwhile, according to the club officials, coach Achen Kim, the commanding tower, is also digesting his schedule in Korea. After the season, the team is currently on vacation and is expected to return around the end of April.

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