Choi Ji-man (32, Pittsburgh), who has now become a major leaguer recognized by everyone after hard work, is having a very important spring. He has to completely recover from the aftermath of the surgery to remove bone fragments in his elbow, and he has to adjust to his new team.

As every team has a different culture, Choi Ji-man, who has experienced quite a few teams, is trying to adapt to Pittsburgh’s daily life. Choi Ji-man said, “(It’s still the first time), Pittsburgh’s rank is a little tighter than Tampa Bay, and wearing spikes is more detailed.”

On the one hand, as it is the season ahead of the free agent (FA) qualification, Choi Ji-man has no choice but to look at this year with a different perspective. Even if he decides to prepare the same every time, he cannot keep his composure as much as a large amount of money comes and goes. I thought it was only natural that I wanted to show a more developed image in order to receive good reviews in the market.

However, Choi Ji-man gave an unexpected answer to a related question. Choi Ji-man thought for a moment, then said, “It’s an upgrade… I hope I slept a little better first,” and then he laughed.

Choi Ji-man said honestly, “Actually, I don’t sleep well. I’m a bit sensitive.” This is an unexpected answer considering Choi Ji-man, who is full of energy on the pitch and always has a pleasant personality. Choi Ji-man went on to explain, “I’m also the type who really hates it when things go wrong. That’s why my number one goal this year is to get a little more sleep.”

Sleep has a profound effect on an athlete’s performance. This is a proposition that has already been scientifically proven countless times. In the major leagues, 162 games are played tightly in a season, and the distance traveled is unimaginably long in the KBO league. He spends a lot of time on the plane and has to live for a long time in an unfamiliar expedition hotel. No wonder a bad night’s sleep will have a devastating effect on his performance the next day.

Choi Ji-man also pledged to upgrade (?), saying, “It seems that there were times when he had good grades and when he didn’t.” Sleep is also related to Choi Ji-man’s top task this year, health. As I listened to the explanation, little by little I began to understand.먹튀검증

He said he hadn’t thought too deeply about FA. Choi Ji-man said, “I always have a different set of resolutions for the season. However, since I came to a new team this year, my biggest goal is to adapt to the team. He said, “The most important thing is health.

He added that he was encouraged by the support of his fans. Choi Ji-man, who often tries to communicate with fans through social media, said, “It seems that more and more fans are added every year. There are many people who have high expectations because they have joined a new team.” I will raise it up and repay you with good grades.”

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