The Dominican Republic, which was predicted to be a team with a higher chance of winning than the United States at this WBC, is in danger of not being able to build a ‘dream team’. A whopping 18 players, or 36% of the 50 interest lists, are players subject to the club’s selection restrictions. The right to refuse to be drafted is specified in the rules 메이저사이트 of the WBCI, the organizer, so it is not expected that it will be easy to resolve.

Dominican Republic media CDN37 reported on the 29th (Korean time) that “18 Dominican Republic players faced opposition to the WBC.”

The media said, “It has always been a subject of debate in the major leagues that a player is allowed to represent his country in international competitions. And the WBC, which will be held this March, has not escaped this situation.” “Dominican Republic national team Nelson According to Cruz (and San Diego player), the club objected to the participation of 18 of the 50 players on the interest list.”

In an interview with the media, Cruz pointed out, “All national teams are affected. Major league teams may refuse to call their players to the national team, and there is a possibility that they will oppose for reasons other than injuries.” Dominican Republic coach Rodney Linares (Tampa Bay coach) revealed that it was not easy to organize the national team, saying, “It was difficult to get permission.”

The organizer, the WBCI, may also intervene in the composition of the national team. According to the rules, the WBCI can refuse each major league club to draft more than 14 players, including minor leaguers, into the WBC. The same is true when there are 10 or more players on the major league roster or injured list since the last day of August last year. Even if this number is not exceeded, drafting can be prevented so that too many players are not left out of a particular position on a particular team. In other words, in a country with many major leaguers, the discretion of the club or organizer may be greater than that of each country’s association.

The Dominican Republic did not release the names of the 18 players who were denied a call by the club. However, if more than a third of the 50 people on the list of interest are missing, it seems difficult to avoid a weakening of power.

Previously, the Dominican Republic foretold a squad that could be called the ‘Dream Team’ through the interest list. MLB Network previously expressed expectations, saying that the Dominican Republic had formed the ‘strongest infield ever’.

Starling Marte (Mets, left field) – Juan Soto (San Diego, right field) – Manny Machado (San Diego, third base) – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto, first base) – Rafael Devers (Boston, designated hitter) – Jose The order was Ramirez (Cleveland, second baseman) – Jeremy Pena (Houston, shortstop) – Gary Sanchez (catcher) – Julio Rodriguez (Seattle, center fielder). It’s unclear who will come out now.

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