A car owner demanded 21 million won to repair a scratch on his car that was about 10 centimeters long from a third-grade middle school student.

On the 25th, an online community shared the story메이저놀이터.

“My child, who is in the third grade of junior high school, made a scratch of about 10 centimeters on the back of the left gas tank of a 2013 Maserati (Italian car brand) that was parked in an illegal parking area while riding his bike home on the 21st,” the writer explained.

“There was no owner’s number on the car, so my son called 112 to report the accident on his own,” she said, adding, “Since it was not a traffic accident, I tried to handle it with the ‘daily liability’ special feature covered by my husband’s driver’s insurance, but the owner of the Maserati quoted me 21 million won.”

The cherry on top

The quote that the author included also included about 13.8 million won to repair the car and 7 million won to rent another car during the repair period.

“The owner told me to get ready to go to court if the insurance company says they can’t compensate me,” the writer said, adding, “The amount is much bigger than I thought, and it’s frustrating.”

“It doesn’t make sense to charge for something that has nothing to do with the scratches on the car,” “I got caught by a scammer,” “I scratched the gas tank, why fix anything else?” and so on. There were also reactions to the “second Infiniti incident,” in which a child was charged a large amount of money for a broken side mirror.

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