It was a close call that could have been devastating안전놀이터.

As the unthinkable unfolded in front of them, passengers must have been gripped with fear, but there was one passenger who remained calm and helped the crew subdue the attacker.

Reporter Seonmin Jin reported.


A passenger in red pants holds onto his seat in an airplane with strong winds blowing.

It’s Mr. Lee Yoon-jun, who was returning to Daegu after a business trip to Jeju Island.

[Lee Yoon-joon: “I was watching YouTube, and all of a sudden my hat and headset flew off, and when I looked, the door was wide open, I could see the clouds, and I thought I might die…”]

It was Mr. Lee’s friend, a man in his 30s sitting next to him, who opened the door from 213 meters in the air.

[Lee Yoon-joon: “The guy next to me was in a bad mood since he got on the plane, and his face looked dark.”]

With the emergency exit open, the plane landed, but Mr. A’s erratic behavior continued while running down the runway.

[Yoon: “He’s trying to jump in the direction of the doorway, you know, smiling and making eye contact with us.”]

At that moment, the flight attendant across from him yelled, “Help!” and Mr. Lee grabbed Mr. A by the scruff of the neck.

[Lee: “I grabbed him by the nape of the neck with my left hand like this, and then I grabbed both of his hands and pulled, and then three or four flight attendants came running over and grabbed him and pulled him up and dragged him to the middle aisle.”]

The plane was still on the runway.

Lee says the crew reacted calmly and prevented a major incident.

[Lee: “I think (the flight attendants) responded appropriately to the situation. Some people say, ‘Why didn’t you make a broadcast,’ but we didn’t have time to make a broadcast at that moment, and it’s a landing process.”]

Jin Seon-min, KBS News.

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