Lee So-hee (23, 170cm) expressed her determination to participate in the Korea-Japan exchange match.

The WKBL X WJBL All-Star Korea-Japan Exchange Match will be held at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan on the 29th. The WKBL Rising Star Team, made up of players in their 7th year or less, will face off against the W League All-Star United, made up of WJBL players.

The 12-member WKBL Rising Star Team was convened on the 27th at Hanawon Q Cheongna Gymnasium. Busan BNK Sum Lee So-hee크크크벳, who devoted herself to her personal training even during vacation to participate in the Korea-Japan exchange match, also trained with her other teammates with a joyful heart.

Lee So-hee said, “I rarely did aerobic exercise. While receiving skill training, she trained mainly on steps and shooting exercises that can be used in basketball. She said, “I think she will be in better condition as much as she has been exercising,” she said about her current physical condition.  

This is the first time Lee So-hee has played an official match against Japanese players. This is because she has never played against Japan in the youth and adult national teams. She therefore seems to be another good experience for her.

“I think it’s a great opportunity,” she said. I heard a lot that I have a similar play style to Japanese players. Everyone said it was fast. I want to hit it once. Last season, when I met players similar to me, I was a bit sluggish. I think it will be an opportunity to overcome through this game. I have never played with Japanese players, so I am a little worried.” Lee So-hee said:

In Korea, young players with a younger age group appear, but in Japan, star players are somewhat hereditary. Lamu Tokashiki, Yuki Miyazawa, and Himawari Akaho are the main players who won the silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Regarding this, Lee So-hee said, “I am preparing my mind because there are many good players. It is true that we are concerned about winning and losing because it is a match between Korea and Japan. There are not many seniors in the rising star team, so I think (Park) Ji-hyeon (Woori Bank) and I have to make sure the players come together well. I will do my best with some burden.”

After training on the 27th, the WKBL Rising Star Team will depart for Tokyo, Japan on the 28th. After one more training session in Tokyo, they will have a match against W-League All-Star United on the 29th.

Lee So-hee said, “I don’t know what the win or loss will be, but I think it’s an opportunity for young players to have a good experience. He will play hard, so I hope you will support him a lot in Korea.”

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