With the indictment of Ra Deok-yeon, the head of investment consulting firm H, who has been named as a key figure in the SG Securities stock price crash, and others, singer Lim Chang-jung has clarified his comments.

The singer was embroiled in controversy last December when she attended an investor meeting organized by a golf company founded by stock manipulators and urged the audience to invest more money.

At the time, Lim praised Mr. La as a “religion” and said, “You’re doing great, because that XX who took my money is great.” He continued, “By the end of next month, you’ll have a million dollars. “I’ll give you until the end of next month, just one month. If you don’t토토사이트 give me the return I want, I’ll dissolve this whole thing,” he said, adding, “Great, this is how a religion is born.”

After the video was released, Lim was accused of encouraging stock manipulation.

Lim Chang-jung. Photo|MBC
In a written statement to MBC’s “PD Notebook,” which aired on the 6th of this month, Lim Chang-jung said, “It was at a charity golf event that I mentioned Mr. Ra Deok-yeon,” adding, “There were many people at the event who had entrusted their funds to Mr. Ra’s asset management company and received real returns, and they said that Mr. Ra was a great businessman and investor, so I only thought that Lim Chang-jung was too.

“He was in a position where he needed to get investment and build an entertainment company that he was betting his life on, so he also wanted to look good for Mr. Ra. In this situation, when he was handed the microphone as an invited guest, he got caught up in the atmosphere and made exaggerated remarks in praise of Mr. Ra,” he said.

“Although it is customary for a singer invited to an event to make friendly remarks about the organizers, Ms. Lim regrets and reflects on the exaggerated remarks she made at the time.”

Lim Chang Jung. Photo lMBC
Earlier, Lim claimed to have invested 3 billion won in the stock manipulation group, but his appearance on a broadcast channel run by the stock manipulation group raised suspicions of criminal involvement. In response, Lim Chang-jung said, “I bought 3 billion won, but 8.4 billion won was bought (through credit purchase). I now owe 6 billion won,” he said, emphasizing that he was a victim.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ra and others were indicted on March 26 for allegedly earning an estimated 730.5 billion won in ill-gotten gains by driving up the stock prices of eight listed companies through methods such as regular trading, which involves buying and selling stocks with a predetermined buy and sell price. The first trial against them will be held on May 15.

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