“I will not play runaway volleyball. I will continue to do better and show a good performance.”

Lee Sang-wook changed his uniform from Woori Card to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance through this off-season trade. He has been active on our card since his debut in the 2017-2018 season, and for the first time he nestled elsewhere. Even at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, he stepped on the court as the main libero and firmly guarded the back door.

Lee Sang-wook, who recently had a phone call with <The Spike>, said, “I have a little bit of pain, but it doesn’t interfere with the game at all. As long as I manage it well enough, I feel good,” he said.

While protecting the court of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, it has been ranked 8th in receiving (39.48% in receiving efficiency) and 1st in Digg (2.569 per set) so far. He is showing good performance in his personal record, but now entering the 3rd round, Samsung Fire has only 2 wins.

Lee Sang-wook said, “It is true that every time I play, I feel regret. He remembered that he had missed enough more to catch. he is not satisfied He said, “I think there will be better results than now if he is greedy and fills in the missing parts.”

“In the second round, there were many games that I unfortunately lost by going to the 5th set. As the 5th set ended quickly, I felt that the team members were trying to do it with more brains. It was regrettable because I remembered the games I played passively. Every time that happens, he emphasized not to run away from volleyball. However, I hope it will be an opportunity for all team members to grow together while learning through losing games.”

You can feel the difference in the players while playing the game. He said, “The more I play, the more cohesive I feel. I feel that the whole team is working together and doing well.”

They are still at the bottom of the table, but they have more games to play than they have played so far. Lee Sang-wook said, “I hope our team’s color comes out more when we play. I hope that if you play against a team called Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, you will come out with the idea of ​​being persistent. As a team and personally, I want to grow more and continue to do well.”

He did not miss out on expressing his gratitude to the fans who consistently support Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

“At the time of Round 1 OK Financial Group, the use of amplifiers was prohibited because it was the period of national mourning. At that time, the fans at the stadium shouted Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in their voices, and it gave me goosebumps. At that time, I felt that I had to show my fans a good performance, and I gained a lot of strength. Regardless of the outcome, I was so grateful to the fans who always supported me and felt that I had to do well, and I want to repay you with good results. I hope you will continue to love Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.” 토토