“If you want to fold something, you better fold a hot dog.” She even posted a YouTube video of herself inserting sausage into the Galaxy Fold.

Many American media blatantly ridiculed Samsung. Articles titled ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold review rejection: We are not beta testers for you (Samsung)’ were flooded. In conclusion, “don’t buy it”.

When Samsung’s foldable phone, which had been ridiculed, succeeded in popularization, the attitude of the United States completely changed. Changed from ‘mocking’ to ‘containment’.

The atmosphere is changing, such as the ‘dislike’ reaction to the video mocking Samsung’s foldable phone. Even in the United States, Joanna Stern메이저사이트, a tech columnist for the Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ), says the content is not fair or professional and is overly expressive.

An American tech columnist said, “Until now, foldable phones have been close to uncharted territory. Samsung was the first to try a foldable phone, and although it suffered difficulties, it deserves praise.”

In particular, Sammobile, an American IT media, said, “As Apple’s entry into the foldable market has been delayed, we have to catch up with Samsung’s progress . ” “Apple could have a hard time taking away owners of Samsung’s foldable phones.”

The US media said, “The foldable phone market is growing day by day. Samsung’s foldable phone sales are growing explosively, and it is expected to grow stronger.”

After ridiculing Samsung’s foldable phone, the United States is also eager to launch a foldable phone. Google has also entered the foldable phone market. Samsung launched an in-folding foldable phone called ‘Pixel Fold’. Samsung’s foldable phone technology has been cited quite a lot.

According to market research firm Counterpoint Research, 28% of current smartphone users in the U.S. said they would choose a foldable phone for their next purchase. Those who answered that they were likely to choose a foldable phone also reached 16%, and those who expressed a positive intention to choose a foldable phone approached 44%. In terms of preference by brand, Samsung Electronics was the highest at 46%.

Samsung Electronics was found to have secured the strongest customer loyalty in the foldable phone market. 92% of those who purchased Samsung Electronics’ foldable phones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, said they would choose Samsung Electronics for their next foldable phone as well.

Since Samsung Electronics launched its first foldable phone, the ‘Galaxy Fold’ in 2019, it has been evaluated that it is succeeding in popularization as of now, four years later. Last year, despite the negative growth of the overall smartphone market, it continued to grow alone. Even Google, including China, is eager to pursue Samsung. Samsung’s foldable phone, which was once ridiculed, is now impatient.

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