This time, it is an illegal gambling report. Reports related to online illegal gambling in the KBO League, where various bad news overlap, have been reported to the KBO Clean Baseball Center.

KBO said on the 31st, “Illegal gambling reports have come in to the Clean Baseball Center, and we are closely examining the contents.”

A KBO official said, “Last week, a tip came in. After confirming the details of the report, we will confirm it with the club. The KBO is in the process of internal review of the information reported,” he said. “I cannot reveal more details.” There is a lack of specific facts in the report and there are unclear things, so it is an atmosphere that is carefully reviewed토토사이트.

A KBO official said, “We receive a lot of reports throughout the year. Protection of whistleblowers is a top priority. In addition, there are many false accusations among the reports, so we need to carefully examine the contents of the reports.”

This is because if the contents of the report are disclosed first, even if it is later revealed that it is not true, it will already be stigmatized as false information and suffer damage.

In mid-January, there was a gambling-related report at the Clean Baseball Center. However, there was a lack of specific circumstances in the contents of the report, and there were cases where the KBO investigated based on the report, but it was found to be untrue and ended.

The contents related to ‘illegal gambling’ spread as rumors in the baseball world a few days ago. One media mentioned that it was the A team in the metropolitan area.

After the report came out on the 31st, the five teams in the metropolitan area, LG, Doosan, Kiwoom, SSG, and KT, learned about the contents from their players on their own. Inducing them to report voluntarily if they had engaged in illegal gambling. However, all five clubs showed a position that “it is not our team”.

To date, no player has admitted to deviant behavior. There is a possibility that the information reported is not true, and there is a possibility that the player who gambled illegally is hiding it. If the report turns out to be true, the aftermath will be enormous.

According to the KBO rules, gambling is an act of damaging dignity, and it is stipulated that participation activity is suspended for more than one month, suspension for more than 30 games, or a penalty of more than 3 million won. Simply leaving the business suspension, he will have another indelible wound in the KBO league, which has recently been stained with various misconduct and corruption.

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