On the 19th, President Yoon Seok-yeol met with Korean atomic bomb victims to convey his condolences and officially invited them to visit Korea. President Yoon is the first South Korean president to meet the Hiroshima atomic bomb victims스포츠토토.

President Yoon, who is visiting Hiroshima, Japan to attend the G7 (seven major countries) summit, met with 19 Koreans who were victims of the atomic bombing at a hotel in Hiroshima this afternoon. I will invite Mindan and many Korean officials who have worked hard to visit Korea sometime soon.”

President Yoon said, “I hope you all come to your home country after a long time and see how much my home country has changed and developed in the near future.”

“We are a country that values ​​kinship and blood,” said President Yoon. The state and government of the Republic of Korea must protect you.”

“When our compatriots were bombed by atomic bombs, we were colonized, liberated, and independent, but our country was powerless, and it was really difficult because we were invaded by communists again,” he said. You are suffering, but the government and state of the Republic of Korea were not by your side.”

President Yoon Seok-yeol, who visited Japan to attend the G7 summit, greets after remarks at a meeting with fellow Hiroshima atomic bomb victims held at a hotel in Hiroshima on the 19th. /Photo = Newsis
President Yoon said, “As the president representing the government and the country, I sincerely apologize for not being able to come from my home country to the scene where our compatriots are suffering such sorrow and pain. I’ll tell you,” he said.

Referring to his pledge to establish the Office of Overseas Koreans, President Yoon explained, “After taking office, I will promote legislation and the Office of Overseas Koreans will be established in June of this year.” “Until now, embassies and consulates mainly protected and supported Korean nationals, but the Office of Overseas Koreans systematically supports and protects all Koreans regardless of nationality, regardless of whether they are Korean citizens or not. For our compatriots who are not good at school, we will systematically teach Korean and systematically support cultural exchanges and visits to their home countries.”

President Yoon bowed his head, saying, “Everyone, you have suffered a lot, and on behalf of the government, I sincerely apologize once again for not being able to be with you when you were in a difficult time.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Yang-baek, former member of the Committee for Relocation of the Memorial for Korean Victims of the Korean Atomic Bombings, who participated in the meeting with President Yoon, said, “We overcame many difficulties in the process of relocating the monument from the outside of the park to its current location. I introduced an anecdote that solved this problem with their cooperation.

Then, “I am also one of the atomic bomb survivors, and if I die, I will be included in the memorial stone. I will definitely report President Yoon’s consolation to my seniors in the sky today,” said presidential spokesman Lee Do-woon, with tears in his eyes.

In addition, Kwon Joon-oh, the second-generation atomic bomb victim and chairman of the Special Committee for Countermeasures for Korean Atomic Bomb Victims, said, “President Yoon’s visit to the Hiroshima atomic bomb victims after 78 years has relieved the pain in their hearts and will bring great comfort to the Korean community.”

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