“If I play against the LG Twins, I will give the impression that I am picky and have too many things to pay attention to.”

The active running base play emphasized in the spring camp is revealed. Athletes with fast legs, as well as players who do not have an excellent main power, run diligently. Just look at the last 4 exhibition games. LG recorded 5 team stolen bases. There are also 4 failures. But it’s not just about stealing. All players head for second or third base, running without missing a small crack in the opponent’s defense.

That was the case with Changwon NC on the 14th. Park Dong-won, who went on base with a hit as the lead batter in the top of the third inning, did not miss the wild throw of opponent pitcher Taylor Widener. He maintained his concentration on first base and advanced to second base the moment a wild pitch came out. Standing at bat, Hong Chang-ki picked a walk and became the first and second bases safely.

Additional advances were made again. Second base runner Park Dong-won jumped to third base on Son Ho-young’s right field fly, and Park Dong-won scored at home due to a throw error by the opponent’s right fielder, and Hong Chang-ki, first base runner, stepped up to second base. And in second base, Moon Seong-joo’s timely double hit and Hong Chang-ki scored. As a result of playing aggressively with the opponent’s mistake in mind, he scored 2 points with 2 hits.

Two points in the top of the 7th inning, which put a wedge in the game, also came from the foot. With Moon Seong-joo’s right-handed hit on first and second base, Seo Geon-chang, runner on first base, ran through second base to third base. After second base runner Son Ho-young scored, Seo Geon-chang landed on third base and continued to put pressure on the opponent. It was the result of Seo Geon-chang, who caught the opponent’s right fielder failing to catch the ball at once, and dashed to third base. Seo Geon-chang stepped on the groove on Song Chan-eui’s second base ball. Shin Min-jae, who took the place of Moon Seong-joo as the runner-up, took the second base stealer, so even an ordinary second base ground ball did not come out.

The Daegu Samsung match on the 15th was similar. Although they lost 8-14, running base play took place in the process of scoring 8 runs. He constantly steals bases and shakes opponents on base. He momentarily lost his throwing direction and overrun, but coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop applauded the players at the dugout. LG is in the process of getting into the habit of active base play.

Foreign players are no exception. Austin Dean went on base twice with one hit and one walk in the game against Samsung in Daegu on the 16th. He shook the opponent’s battery as he widened his lead from first base after getting on base. Austin, who stole 1 base in 126 major league games and 44 stolen bases in 856 minor league games, also seemed to have melted into the new team culture.

Manager Yeom said, “In the end, it is important whether or not you can score when a ground ball comes out from the 1st and 3rd base. When the season comes to an end, this part gets really big. The same goes for players. Even if a batter hits a grounder from 1st out and 3rd base, it is an RBI if a runner on 3rd comes in. With the third base runner coming in, a season with only 98 runs can become a season with 100 runs,” he emphasized the importance of active running base play.

He continued, “Bunting and pushing is not team play. Team play is to run hard on base and give your teammates RBIs. If you run hard from 1st base and go to 3rd instead of 2nd, isn’t it giving your teammates a chance? Whether a fellow hitter hits a ground ball or a sacrifice fly, whether it’s safe or 1 out and 3 base, if he comes home, he gets an RBI.토토사이트 I see this as team play. When this kind of team play becomes a habit, each other’s RBI goes up and the team’s score goes up,” he raised his voice.

The attitude of the players who stayed on base after going on base changed. Even Moon Bo-gyeong, who occasionally failed to maintain her concentration after going on base, diligently made skip moves, aiming for gaps in her opponent. If you put the situation in which a mistake is made in your head, your body reacts immediately when a mistake is made and additional advances are made.

Manager Yeom said, “One small play like this can add 4 wins in a season. Didn’t you fail to win first place last year because you lacked 3 wins? It can fill the missing part sufficiently. Geonchang-i, (Kim) Min-seong, and (Huh) Do-hwan, who were with me in the past, spread this to the players well. I’ll give it. As much as the opponent is uncomfortable, we can score comfortably.”

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