The story of a German man who underwent three height-extension surgeries is going viral.

On Nov. 25 (local time), the Daily Mail reported on the story of Leon토토사이트, a 21-year-old German man who posted a video of his height-extending surgery on social media platform TikTok.

According to the report, Leon, who grew from 173 centimeters to 190 centimeters through height surgery, was motivated by a long-standing complex. “I used to get annoyed looking up at my friends who were taller than me,” Leon told TikTok, “and whenever I had such moments, I would get depressed thinking, ‘Why am I so short?

“Height has been a long-standing complex of mine. I didn’t feel confident in relationships because I saw women who were taller than me,” he said. “Nowadays, many men are over 180 centimeters, and I generally thought I was short. Whenever I went to a shoe store, I would look for the highest heeled shoes.”

Eventually, he decided to go under the knife to increase his height, and he shared his story on TikTok. The video received millions of views and garnered a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, height lengthening surgery is a procedure for people with different leg lengths, but it is now widely used for cosmetic purposes. It involves cutting into the bone and inserting a specially designed rod in between, and using a radio-controlled device to subtly lengthen the rod by about 1 millimeter per day to increase height.

Afterward, you’ll need to complete rehabilitation training until your legs can fully support your body weight. The price varies depending on how tall you want to be, but it’s an expensive procedure, costing at least 100 million won.

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