LA Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw (35)’s participation in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) was canceled.

Local media such as USA Today and ESPN reported on the 18th (Korean time) that Kershaw’s participation in the WBC was frustrated. 온라인카지노 Kershaw, who had no chance to play for the national team after his major league debut, was officially announced as a member of the US national team (Team USA) in December of last year, raising expectations for his first WBC appearance.

Kershaw was also listed on the final roster on the 10th, but he dropped out due to unexpected problems with about three weeks left in the tournament. It was an insurance issue. Highly paid major league players must sign up for an insurance company in consideration of the risk of injury in order to participate in the WBC.

However, Kershaw had been placed on the disabled list five times over the past seven years due to back pain, and the insurance company, feeling burdened by this, notified Kershaw and his team Dodgers that they would not pay the amount if they were injured while participating in the national team. .

Kershaw, who joined the Dodgers’ spring training, is currently in a state of health, such as digesting his bullpen pitching normally on the 17th. Kershaw said, “I have no problems with my physical condition,” and expressed regret at the cancellation, saying, “I really wanted to go to the WBC and be a member of the US national team.

He continued, “There are several factors that make it difficult to participate in the tournament. We tried to solve this with the Major League Secretariat, the players’ union, and the affiliated club, but it did not come true.” “I feel frustrated.

On the other hand, the US baseball team, which is trying to win its second consecutive championship, suffered a loss of power as the left-handed selection resources left from Nestor Cortes (New York Yankees) to Kershaw in succession.

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