As the halfway point of the season approached,바카라사이트 the significance of winning or losing each game also increased. This is when the directors’ ‘strong’ winning numbers start to come out. If the selection is sluggish, the bullpen is activated at an early timing and the game becomes an all-out war on the mound. At the same time, the bullpen power difference between the teams is gradually revealed.

If you look at the situation of each team’s bullpen, you can guess why SSG and LG, which are solidifying their ‘Rangang’ structure, are doing well. There is little wiggle in the bullpen power, so there is almost no way to miss a lead game. SSG ranked first with 3.36 and LG ranked third with 3.38 in bullpen average ERA for the month of June until the 22nd. In the game leading up to the 5th inning, SSG is recording 7 wins and 1 loss, and LG is recording 6 wins and 1 loss. It means that if you are ahead until the middle, you will hardly give up the game. In fact, both teams are struggling with the finish. SSG Seo Jin-yong became more frequent after April, when he was close to perfect. WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) was only 0.89 in April, but it nearly doubled to 1.73 in May, and soared to 2.29 in June. Ko Woo-seok of LG, who had a delayed start to the season due to an injury, is still not in good condition. He returned to action on April 18, took a full May break due to back pain, and returned to the first team earlier this month. He has made 13 appearances and has yet to have a streak. Still, compared to other teams, both the quantity and quality of the bullpen are the most solid.

On the other hand, the June bullpens of Lotte and Samsung were devastated. It is also directly related to sexuality. Lotte, which had been fighting for the lead with LG and SSG until May, is in a precarious situation as it walks downhill, and the defense of the fifth round, the last line of fall baseball, is also in jeopardy. The bullpen collapse is crucial. This month, 5 wins and 14 losses (0.263 win rate) is the lowest in the league, and the average ERA of Isai’s bullpen is 6.48, which is the lowest in the league.

Samsung’s bullpen, which fell to the bottom of the league after 1865 days since May 2018 due to a loss against Kiwoom on the 22nd, is also shaken. As the bullpen collapsed in five consecutive games on the 13th and 17th, the shock of the reverse defeat was great. This month, Samsung’s ERA is not good at 5.19.

NC and KIA also faced a hurdle. The indicators are still compliant, but recently, the burden of the bullpen has increased rapidly and the red light has come on. It is the aftermath of the bloody battle between the two teams in Gwangju last weekend. On the 16th, the first game of the three-game series, six reliever pitchers were consumed each. On the 17th, NC put 4 relievers and KIA put 5 bullpen pitchers on the mound. On the 18th, which ended in a draw in 12 overtime, NC started the bullpen again with 8 people and KIA with 7 people.

The problem of the two teams is that there is no starting pitcher who can handle the innings stably. In NC, Eric Peddy and Koo Chang-mo had a lot of injuries. Choi Seong-young, who was a good thrower, had the misfortune of getting hit in the head by a batted ball. KIA decided to release sluggish foreign pitcher Adonis Medina. The two teams go into a three-game series over the weekend without giving their bullpen pitchers time to recover.

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