For KT, who is in 7th place, each game is an important point.

Suwon KT will have a six-round match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 11th. KT is currently in 7th place with 19 wins and 27 losses.

For KT, who is one game behind Jeonju KCC, who is in sixth place, the remaining six rounds are inevitably important. The teams ranked in the playoffs are from 1st to 6th, but recently, the possibility of the 7th place team advancing to the playoffs is being discussed due to Goyang Carrot’s non-payment of subscription fees. But it is premature to make any conclusions.

Furthermore, there is only a 1.5 game gap with Wonju DB안전놀이터, which is in 8th place. In order to advance to the playoffs, KT needs a trick to catch up with KCC and beat DB.

KT is showing poor performance with 1 win and 4 losses in the last 5 games, but it has a 4-1 advantage over KOGAS this season. KT, which is losing 2 matches in a row and 5 matches in a row, is looking for a chance to rebound by using the gas corporation as a stepping stone.

Suwon KT coach Seo Dong-cheol
Q. With the return of Jung Sung-woo, the number of guards has increased.

Jung Sung-woo’s joining helps to manage the guard team. I think it will be more helpful if the body condition is a little stable in the sensory part. Dave Ildefonso can’t be perfect as a guard, but (Jung) did a good job when the voice actor wasn’t there. He’s a bit of a stranger as a point guard. After we defend the opponent, we habitually run into it. But he’s getting better as he plays and has a spot where he’s getting a spot when offsetting sets.

Q. With a slight gap with 6th place KCC, is there any chance of advancing to the playoffs?
situation is sufficient. However, we also have a lot of losses and we are not winning games, so there have been a few unfortunate games recently. Forget what has passed and there are many games left from today (11th), so we have to shake off the aftereffects of defeat and start a new game. It is important to have mental control.

Q. What do you emphasize to players?
It’s a situation where we’re playing without a main point guard lately. Now, one person should be the solver, but there seems to be no solver. We can do everything together, but it is not a situation where individuals lead the team. Organizational power is needed in defense, but organization power is emphasized in attack. If the offense doesn’t work, the defense doesn’t get excited, and concentration drops as well. We talk a lot about attacking because we have to defend to a certain extent when we attack.

Q. Is KOGAS considered a team that allows a lot of 3-point shots to the opposing team?

Gas Corporation plays a high-activity defense. However, if you attack wisely, you will have an open chance. At that time, it seems that the situation will develop depending on whether I become a shoot maid or not. If you do a lot of switch defense and make it tight, you can see gaps in the defense. I believe it will be an effective match if we use that.

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