The head coach of the Doosan Bears was also delighted with the news of Su-bin Jeong’s (33) birth.

Su-bin Jeong gave birth to a son on the morning of the 13th. This is their first child after getting married in December 2021. He became Doosan’s representative player and father of a child. His son’s given name is ‘Otter’.스포츠토토

Accordingly, Soo-bin Jeong was able to use her condolence leave. Since 2019, the KBO has allowed players to apply for five days of condolence leave due to the death of an immediate family member or the birth of a child. In this case, the athlete will be removed from the entry, but the number of days registered will be recognized.

However, Su-bin Jeong did not use the condolence leave and showed his will to play in the home game against Jamsil SSG Landers on the 13th, which was postponed due to rain. This is because he is well aware of his importance as the starting leadoff and center fielder as the team is engaged in a fierce battle for the top five.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who heard this news, said, “It’s a matter to leave up to the player himself. He’s a family man, and we don’t tell him what to do. “I leave it to my own judgment,” he said. He added, “As a senior himself, he seems to be clearly aware of the situation the team is in, and fortunately, it is a home game today, so he seems to be coming to the stadium after seeing his son.”

He didn’t forget the congratulatory message either. Coach Lee smiled brightly, saying, “When there is something good to celebrate within the team like this, it has a positive impact on the whole. If he was born healthy, I think (Jeong Soo-bin’s son) will be a blessing to our team as well.”

As the game was postponed that day due to rain, Su-bin Jeong’s worries eased. On the 13th, she was able to focus solely on seeing her newborn son and taking care of her wife’s health. Although she is having trouble organizing her schedule as the number of games postponed due to rain increases in the KBO, the rain that fell that day must have been welcome for Su-bin Jeong.

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