The Boston Red Sox officially announced the signing of veteran slugger Justin Turner on Friday. That announcement came with his addition to the team website, where the number next to his name may have some fans scratching their heads. 메이저놀이터

If is accurate, Turner will wear the No. 2 on his jersey in 2023. That number belonged to homegrown shortstop Xander Bogaerts, who donned it for most of his 10-year tenure in Boston.

Justin Turner ‘heavily recruited’ by Red Sox players in free agency
What makes the transition awkward, of course, is the Red Sox lost Bogaerts in free agency to the San Diego Padres less than a month ago. One would think the organization would at least wait a year or two before handing the jersey number of arguably the greatest shortstop in franchise history to a new player.

Former Red Sox second baseman and famed broadcaster Jerry Remy, who passed away in 2021, also wore No. 2 during his career. It may have made sense to retire the number following Bogaerts’ departure as a way to honor Remy.

Turner wore the No. 2 early in his big-league career with the New York Mets. The 38-year-old sported No. 10 during his nine years with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but middle infielder Trevor Story currently is wearing it with the Red Sox.

It’s unclear whether Turner requested No. 2 or if it was issued by the team, but they may want to consider changing it ahead of Opening Day. Seeing No. 2 associated with any Red Sox figure other than Remy or Bogaerts would be jarring, to say the least.