Korean fans visited the Mallorca training ground to meet Lee Kang-in (22).

On the 17th (Korean time), Mallorca posted a video titled “Lee Kang-in Mania” through the club’s channel. About 30 Korean fans got Lee Kang-in’s autograph and took pictures together for 50 seconds. Lee Kang-in kindly signed her on the uniform and smiled brightly during her photo shoot.

One thing to note is the ‘Mallorca goods’ worn by Korean fans. Uniforms, mufflers, hats, bags, etc. could be checked. With the addition카지노사이트 of Lee Kang-in’s autograph, the collection value increased even more.

Lee Kang-in left Valencia as a free agent (FA) in 2021 and wore a Mallorca uniform. His contract is for four years, ending in June 2025. It was Lee Kang-in who longed for regular participation, and Mallorca was the best place. He has emerged as a key resource this season and has so far scored 6 goals and 4 assists in 33 La Liga games, successfully achieving double digits in attack points.

With the addition of his performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the number of Korean fans looking for Lee Kang-in has increased significantly.

Mallorca saw a tangible effect with Lee Kang-in’s marketing. Last March, Spain’s ‘Marca’ reported, “In recent months, due to the ‘Lee Kang-in phenomenon’, there has been a problem with Mallorca’s uniform inventory. Due to Lee Kang-in and innovative uniform design, sales have tripled.”

Spain’s ‘La Zona 10’ also said, “Mallorca has had an inventory problem as demand for Lee Kang-in’s uniforms has increased. Their uniform sales have tripled since November, and Lee Kang-in and Bedat Muriki are the best sellers.”

Regarding this, ‘Ultima Ora’ analyzed, “As Lee Kang-in performed well in La Liga, interest in Korea increased. Since the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the number of Korean fans visiting Mallorca has increased noticeably.”

As many fans are looking for it, of course the purchase of uniforms has no choice but to increase. For Mallorca, Lee Kang-in is no different from a ‘marketing gold mine’. It helped increase not only the level of uniform sales, but also the number of TV viewers and spectators. Even as the 2022-23 season came to an end, interest did not cool down, and many fans came to support Lee Kang-in.

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